Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reminders: Bake-in Rally at City Hall today

Parents whose children attend the East Village Community School, one of four progressive public schools in the East Village, are among the organizers of a bake-in (not that kind) at City Hall this afternoon.

A quick overview:

On Thursday March 18th there will be a protest against Regulation A-812, limiting the sales of home-baked goods at public school bake sales. It’s from 4-6pm at City Hall. Activist parents will have two tables: one with home-baked goods, and another with the “approved” items: Doritos, Fritos, Pop-Tarts, and Snapple.

EV resident Marjorie Ingall has more on the issue on her blog. And there's more information here on NYC Green Schools.


glamma said...

oh my lord. this sounds like some kind of behind the scenes contract with snapple and co. what kind of bird-brained ban is this? you must be kidding me. apparently common sense has abandoned the board of ed.

Barbara L. Hanson said...

As my mother would say, "They take the joy out of living."

marjorie said...

Thanks so much, Grieve! Yeah, the whole thing would be comic if it weren't so tragic. I don't think the DoE's contract with Pepsico is so behind-the-scenes -- they've made it quite clear that they want us to sell what's in their vending machines. It's particular sucky with these brutal public school funding cuts -- hello, not only are Fritos less healthy than my homemade banana bread, but they're taking away a huge and necessary source of public school funding. If we want our kids to have music and art, we have to pay for it ourselves.