Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A few questions for spring

Food and real estate edition

1) When will the escalator renovations at the Zeckendorf Towers be completed on Union Square? (Now entering the third year...)

2) When will the 123 Third Ave. sales center open?

3) What will happen to the southwest corner of 14th Street and Third Avenue?

4) Who will post the first bill on the sidewalk shed on Seventh Avenue and Avenue A?

5) When will Diablo Royale open at 167 Avenue A?

6) Will anything happen with the long empty building that housed the former Angelica's Herbs on First Avenue and Ninth Street?

7) Who will be the new owners of Superdive, and will they keep the same keg-service concept?

8) Who will be the first to introduce the 89-cent slice?

9) When will we see more of Veselka on the Bowery?

10) Will Duane Reade expand into the basement space of the former Dolphin Gym on Avenue B?

11) Will Cabin Down Below do something about its stairs?

12) When will Curbed get the sordid details of the first beserk A Building pool party of the 2010 season? (My guess: June 2)

13) When will the Village Green gym show itself?

14) Will the Cooper Square Hotel keep the noise down this season? ... Or! When will we get the first installment of Notes from the Backside at the Cooper Square Hotel this season? (My guess: April 27)

15) When will the Pita Pan Sports Grill at Second Avenue and Sixth Street open?


Melanie said...

Still waiting!

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Great pic to go with the Cooper Sq Hotel...

EV Grieve said...

Agreed, Goggla! A nice touch...

esquared™ said...

16) when will sears open?
17) will there be more of ramen and fro-yo joints sprouting than flowers in the ev?
18) will the 'no pants' look be literally no pants?
19) will ev heave finally get to reveal the identity of the vomitrator?
20) which celebrity will be moving in to the Christadora next?

EV Grieve said...

Good additions, Esquared!

Unknown said...

Will the hotel on 13th and 4th continue construction?

Stay Tuned...