Thursday, March 18, 2010

When High Society hits the Doghouse Saloon

So you may or may not know about CW's docu-reality show "High Society," which, according to the description, follows "Tinsley Mortimer, New York's most talked-about 'Park Avenue Princess,' as she and her circle of often-controversial friends circulate through New York's most prestigious black-tie affairs, outrageous parties and fashion exclusives, with never-before-seen access from behind the velvet rope."

In last night's episode, resident alleged racist homophobe and dumb-thing-sayer Jules Kirby went to the Doghouse Saloon on Orchard Street. And Emily Exton at Entertainment Weekly recaps some excerpts from Jules:

“Every now and again I like to go downtown and like hang out with poor guys.”

“For a couple of uptown girls it is like sort of slumming going downtown. We like to toy with guys. Like, a girl who walks into a bar with heels there, it’s like unheard of.”

“It’s fun to go hang out with blue collar people at a scummy bar. They do fratty things like play beer pong.”

“The best thing about going to like a downtown bar like that is that it really doesn’t matter at the end of the day; we can just like leave after sort of screwing with them.”

Outside, her friend Cleo asked a passerby for a cigarette, Jules quickly scolded her, saying: “People like don’t have jobs and stuff down here!”

If this was scripted for Jules, then it's lame. We can do better! Oh, and if she really said this?


C Merry said...

Thought you might like to see the info they posted at the bar.
C Merry

RubberBunsandLiquor said...

That entire bar is nothing but girls in heels and financial analysts. But I guess going into Blarney Cove wouldn't have made for such riveting TV.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

@Jen - Haha, I'd love to see a Blarney Cove series!

glamma said...

absolutely priceless

EV Grieve said...

Oh my. I'm in for a Blarney Cove series!

I heard that some lost St. Patty's Day revelers stumbled into the Blarney Cove last night, thinking they found a St Patty's Day hotspot. They fled in horror even though a regular said that it was safe inside!

Jeremiah Moss said...

priceless for sure. call it "inside the mind of a pure yunnie." what a glimpse!

esquared™ said...

or a mars bar series, starring penn badgely titled men who wears pink shirts are mars...

Unknown said...

What about the Tinz talking about herself in third person?

What about that Tinz only wears HEELS? And that she doesn't like to wear flats, then, Oh MY!... look who is wearing a pair of Chuck Taylors in all places...Paris! Faux Pas, Tinz!!
Amazing that you are now seeing so many UESiders prancing around in their Chuck Taylors thanks to Poorpeopletowne, USA who keep it real!
And where do the fashion houses get their inspiration from that this daft, king kong, face for radio bitch, Jules dawns as well as the rest of the uber twits...Oh let me guess Poorpeopletowne, USA