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Thursday, September 3, 2015

RUMORS: These 2 buildings on 2nd Avenue at East 12th Street are for sale

A credible tipster shared a rumor with us… that 192 Second Ave. at East 12th Street … and the building directly behind it at 303 E. 12th St. are on the shopping block…

The buildings are connected by a courtyard… word from the rumor mill is that the ground-floor space at 303 — currently a residence — is being pitched as a possible home to a cafe-restaurant.

Despite the reliability of the tipster, we haven't spotted any listings for the buildings… and there isn't any evidence that they are for sale…

Thursday, May 22, 2014

RUMOR: Gas station going, boutique hotel coming on Second Avenue?

IF the rumors are accurate, then the BP station and MRM Auto Repair at 24 Second Ave. at East First Street will close this summer to eventually make way for something the area doesn't seem to need — a boutique hotel.

Again, this is only a rumor… traced to workers at the station. There's nothing on file yet with the DOB for this address.

Of course, news of BP's closing wouldn't be so shocking, after all.

On Tuesday, WYNC featured a story titled "Say Goodbye to Manhattan's Gas Stations."

Per the article:

In 2004, the borough had more than 60 places to fill up, but now there are just 39. Fuel prices and consolidation are driving the nationwide trend, but in Manhattan, it's all about real estate.

"It's kind of like the gas station has a red flag on it that says: 'Call me. I'm the next site,'" said Adelaide Polsinelli, a broker with the real estate investment firm Eastern Consolidated.

Thanks to skyrocketing real estate prices, Manhattan gas stations are worth much more than the money the owner can make selling gas. Last year, a Getty near the High Line sold for $23.5 million. A few months later, another station in the borough went for $25 million.

And IF this is true, this means the East Village will no longer have any gas stations in another year or so. In March, Hakimian Property filed plans to erect a 9-story mixed-use building on the site of the Mobil station on East Houston and Avenue C. (The station was expected to be open until next year.) Meanwhile, the BP station on East Houston and Lafayette will be home to this one day.

Said Eastern Consolidated's Polsinelli to WNYC: "You see everything that was once industrial — auto body shops, garages, gas stations — and now they're all holes in the ground with cranes in them."

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Those ongoing rumors about the future of East 14th Street between Avenue A and B

Ever since the fire wiped out Stuyvesant Grocery and Pete's-a-Place on East 14th Street at Avenue A, we've heard all sort of rumors about what was coming next. Dorm! Hotel! Condo!

The usual.

In the past six weeks, we've heard from a dozen different people who passed along various tips about incoming development. To date, there hasn't been much hard evidence, such as a real-estate listing or demolition permit.

We heard more after yesterdays's post about the East Side 99¢ store relocating.


Someone recently told me the stretch of 14th Street between Avenue A down to the Blarney Cove is about to get a major overhaul.

Per Gojira:

The vet at ABC Animal Hospital, Dr. Tufaro, is also looking for new space; he told me yesterday that the whole south side of that block from the former Stuyvesant Grocery down to his location is slated for demolition and development. He also said the owners of Bargain Bazaar were in court trying to hold onto their lease, which runs through 2016 but which the landlord wants to break. Can you say "upscale luxury condo", boys and girls? Sure you can.

This is consistent with what we've heard. And various tipsters/readers have passed along three different scenarios:

1) All the space to the west of the Rainbow clothing shop, the area that fell to fire, will be developed into some type of housing-retail complex.

2) All the space starting at the Rite Aid west to Avenue A will be developed into some type of housing-retail complex.

3) The big one. All the space starting at the ABC Animal Hospital west to Avenue A will be developed into some type of housing-retail complex.

So far, there isn't anything to prove any of these rumors. And remember — they're only rumors at this point. (We recall walking into the Blarney Cove about 10 years ago only to hear the news that they were closing soon due to a new development. And we got to drink for free since they were closing!)

However, the last time we heard this much chatter about a rumored development: 74-76 Third Ave. ... and in a few months, all that became official with the news of an 82,000-square-foot, nine-story residential building with 94 units.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Plywood removal on First Avenue shows off the new Bean; plus, mystery space!

Workers yesterday removed the plywood around the ground floor at 147 First Avenue at East Ninth Street...

And it looks as if there is room for two storefronts here...

Ike Escava confirmed last night that the Bean, as we first reported, will be taking the front part of the space on the corner... he said that he did not know who the other tenant would be...

Regardless, there are always rumors... last fall a reader heard that a bar was taking the other part of the space. (This tidbit from the always reliable construction worker!)

The for rent banner that went up in August 2010 did tout this as restaurant space... so this is certainly a possibility...

According to the listings at Icon Realty Management, the second space is still available. The space is 700 square feet with an asking price of $7,000 per month. Per the listing (PDF):

[A] brand new fully gut renovated building, in the heart of the East Village is close by to the collegiate environment of the nearby universities. This new space with a floor to ceiling frameless glass storefront is perfect for all retail or a restaurant.

The upper levels will soon be home to nice apartments.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

RUMORS: Memorial tree for Steve Jobs planned for Tompkins Square Park

On Wednesday, workers removed the stump from the Irene-damaged tree in Crusty Meadow ...

[Bobby Williams]

Now there's a rumor that the hole here will be filled with a Redwood tree honoring the late Steve Jobs.

We're not sure that we believe any of this... even the people who passed along the information were skeptical... but you never know...Not sure of any East Village-Steve Jobs connection, though we once saw someone drop an unprotected iPhone in the Park and smash the screen.

DId you ever see the Steve Jobs tribute on Bond between Bowery and Lafayette?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rumors: Ground floor at 147 First Avenue will include the Bean AND a bar

As we first reported, The Bean is opening an outpost at the former home of Anjelica's Herbs on First Avenue and Ninth Street...

And, now, that persistent rumor: The ground floor will also house a bar. Per an EVG reader:

"I heard from someone who talked to the workmen that a BAR is going to take half the former herb store on the ground floor. The Bean will have half, and a bar will have the other half. I dunno, seems like very small spaces for two establishments. And dear God, ANOTHER bar???"

Yes! The always reliable construction worker! Sure, it's possible. But we've been wrong here before... remember the motel? Or the full demolition? (Hey, we're one out of three so far!)

Meanwhile! Looks like the painting is continuing... and we see some charcoal gray creeping up...

The upper floors are still set for luxury apartments... still looking like what a reader described as something that blew in from the Hamptons...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

RUMOR: Which 'Friends' cast member demolished the historic East Sixth Street townhouse?

Yesterday, we had the sad news about the total demolition of the circa-1852 townhouse at 331 E. Sixth St.

Per a commenter:

Rumor has it that this building was bought by a former "Friends" cast member, not sure which one. Funny how that show portayed outrageously unrealistic NYC apartment living. The reality is so much more outrageous!

Hmm, well, we have no idea about this one. Well, it could be true, though it likely isn't.

Still, let's blame LeBlanc.

Monday, October 18, 2010

RUMORS: Five Guys looking at Avenue A

171 Avenue A has been vacant for several years now... The space almost became home to a fishmonger and a bagel shop this year...

Anyway, the place seems to have been spruced up a little of late...

And one persistent rumor: This space may become home to a Five Guys Burgers, the Virginia-based chain with a handful of locations in Manhattan.

Never had one myself, but people I know love these guys....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Demolition Smurf, apparently

EV Grieve readers are helping to crack this case: who is responsible for leaving the C-4 here? And everyone here seems to be taking this rather seriously:

East Village Eats said...
Insurgent (by which I mean B&T) dead drop from one of those pesky helicopters that were around all summer.

LiberationNYC said...
Hipsters. They were half way through building their bombs and suddenly lost interest. They were all like, whatevs, shrugged their shoulders, and walked away.

dmh said...

EV Grieve said...
Hipster zombies!

glamma said...
i thnk it was those crazy teabaggers.

Lori E. Seid said...
I think Angelina Jolie stashed them after filming Salt!

pinhead said...
Demolition Smurf.

Anonymous said...
Leftover from when cheap shots made truck bombs.

Marty Wombacher said...
I think it was EV Lambo. Dumped the junk from her trunk and vroom, off she sailed. Notice how she's been keeping a low profile lately?

Anonymous said...
benign nothingness madeover into newzzzzzz

Anonymous said...
Sarah Connor left it there in hopes that her son, John, could use it to fight the machines in the future.

There were also some actual plausible explanations there too.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

C-4 is old, likely stolen

The Times has the latest on yesterday's big hey-we-found-a-bag-of-C-4 story:

The mysterious military-grade explosives that were found in an East Village cemetery over the weekend are more than a dozen years old and were most likely stolen from a military base, the police said Tuesday.

Bomb experts with the New York Police Department found that the eight bricks of C-4 explosive, totaling about 10 pounds, lacked identifying markers known as taggants, which manufacturers were required to include in the puttylike compound beginning in 1997, said Paul J. Browne, the department’s chief spokesman.

Meanwhile, EV Grieve readers are trying help the police solve the mystery here.

So how did the C-4 end up in the cemetery?

Following up on yesterday's explosive discover at The New York City Marble Cemetery...From the Times:

Now the quaint old cemetery in the East Village is the site of another mystery, this one still unfolding, after a volunteer on Sunday discovered a decaying garbage bag filled with 10 pounds of military-grade C-4 explosives, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said Monday.

Mr. Kelly said he did not believe the aging explosives were linked to a terrorism plot. No ignition devices or primers needed to detonate the C-4 were found. But how the explosives ended up interred near a 19th-century vault is still anybody’s guess.

Right! So! What is YOUR guess?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Starting rumors: Last days of Rite Aid on First Avenue?

So have you been in the Rite Aid on First Avenue at Fifth Street lately? I haven't, because a trip inside just doesn't ruin your day, it ruins your entire month, at times. Maybe it's the lone cashier talking on her cell phone while trying to check out the 37 people waiting in line, some of whom always seem to be jawing at each other for some unknown transgressions. (Like cutting in line! Oh, those residents with the carts! Watch out!)

Anyway, I just bravely entered the place. And it's so picked over! The shelves are pretty empty! No restocking after stockpiling for Earl?

Anyway, to the PURE speculation: So I'm curious if this store is closing. Rite Aid reported a $208.4 million loss for the fiscal quarter that ended on Feb. 27 — the 11th straight losing quarter. According to published reports, the chain is shuttering 80 stores this year. As you may recall, Rite Aid closed on Seventh Avenue south of 14th Street last year.

Given this valuable chunk of real estate for a one-level building.... Perhaps the plans for the fancy condo will be revived without the bothersome drug store next door....

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Bagels for Avenue A?

Last week we mentioned that 165 Avenue would be turned into a restaurant/bar, former site of the Monk Thrift Shop....

Well, per a reader comment:

I heard from someone who worked on the construction of Diablo that this next door place will sell bagels.

Another tipster said that it is going to be a shop from the same people who own the Bagel World stores in Brooklyn.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A few questions for spring

Food and real estate edition

1) When will the escalator renovations at the Zeckendorf Towers be completed on Union Square? (Now entering the third year...)

2) When will the 123 Third Ave. sales center open?

3) What will happen to the southwest corner of 14th Street and Third Avenue?

4) Who will post the first bill on the sidewalk shed on Seventh Avenue and Avenue A?

5) When will Diablo Royale open at 167 Avenue A?

6) Will anything happen with the long empty building that housed the former Angelica's Herbs on First Avenue and Ninth Street?

7) Who will be the new owners of Superdive, and will they keep the same keg-service concept?

8) Who will be the first to introduce the 89-cent slice?

9) When will we see more of Veselka on the Bowery?

10) Will Duane Reade expand into the basement space of the former Dolphin Gym on Avenue B?

11) Will Cabin Down Below do something about its stairs?

12) When will Curbed get the sordid details of the first beserk A Building pool party of the 2010 season? (My guess: June 2)

13) When will the Village Green gym show itself?

14) Will the Cooper Square Hotel keep the noise down this season? ... Or! When will we get the first installment of Notes from the Backside at the Cooper Square Hotel this season? (My guess: April 27)

15) When will the Pita Pan Sports Grill at Second Avenue and Sixth Street open?

Friday, February 26, 2010

New thrift store on Third Street to open next week

Last week I mentioned that the former Dance Tracks on Third Street near First Avenue is becoming a thrift/vintage store... Last night, I noticed that workers were filling the stores with clothes...

All I know is the shop is expected to open next week... the following week at the latest...

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Long dormant Dance Tracks soon to be home to a vintage clothing store

Looks as if the former Dance Tracks, which closed in November 2007, finally has a new tenant here on Third Street near First Avenue.

Here's what a source tells us:

-- This will become a vintage clothing store that buys and sells, kind of like Buffalo Exchange.

-- That the woman who owns the store also has other locations, kind of like Buffalo Exchange.

The source thought this could be part of a vintage store chain.

In any event, a worker was renovating the space the other night... and there are clothing racks brought in...

Last we looked, the rent here was $9,500 a month... and at one point, as East Village Podcasts pointed out, a wine store was opening here.

[Top photo via EVP]