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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

2nd Street post the big sinkhole swallow

[Photo by Il Posto Accanto]

As previously noted, a sinkhole opened up on Second Street between Avenue A and First Avenue late Saturday night... nearly swallowing a parked (and empty!) SUV in the process.

While the block is open to through westbound traffic, a large Con Ed presence remains on the scene...

A cause was never made public. Residents had said there was a sewage problem on the block leading up to the sinkhole's arrival.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches closed for renovations on Second Street

Just catching up on items from the last few days... Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches on Second Street just off Avenue A is closed for renovations... if the sign out front is correct, then they should reopen on Thursday...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Not such a "New Deal:" FDR pizza and 99-cent slices opening on Second Street

Another inexpensive pizza option in the East the site of the barber shop that closed last summer just a little east of Avenue A...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Demolition Smurf, apparently

EV Grieve readers are helping to crack this case: who is responsible for leaving the C-4 here? And everyone here seems to be taking this rather seriously:

East Village Eats said...
Insurgent (by which I mean B&T) dead drop from one of those pesky helicopters that were around all summer.

LiberationNYC said...
Hipsters. They were half way through building their bombs and suddenly lost interest. They were all like, whatevs, shrugged their shoulders, and walked away.

dmh said...

EV Grieve said...
Hipster zombies!

glamma said...
i thnk it was those crazy teabaggers.

Lori E. Seid said...
I think Angelina Jolie stashed them after filming Salt!

pinhead said...
Demolition Smurf.

Anonymous said...
Leftover from when cheap shots made truck bombs.

Marty Wombacher said...
I think it was EV Lambo. Dumped the junk from her trunk and vroom, off she sailed. Notice how she's been keeping a low profile lately?

Anonymous said...
benign nothingness madeover into newzzzzzz

Anonymous said...
Sarah Connor left it there in hopes that her son, John, could use it to fight the machines in the future.

There were also some actual plausible explanations there too.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

C-4 is old, likely stolen

The Times has the latest on yesterday's big hey-we-found-a-bag-of-C-4 story:

The mysterious military-grade explosives that were found in an East Village cemetery over the weekend are more than a dozen years old and were most likely stolen from a military base, the police said Tuesday.

Bomb experts with the New York Police Department found that the eight bricks of C-4 explosive, totaling about 10 pounds, lacked identifying markers known as taggants, which manufacturers were required to include in the puttylike compound beginning in 1997, said Paul J. Browne, the department’s chief spokesman.

Meanwhile, EV Grieve readers are trying help the police solve the mystery here.

So how did the C-4 end up in the cemetery?

Following up on yesterday's explosive discover at The New York City Marble Cemetery...From the Times:

Now the quaint old cemetery in the East Village is the site of another mystery, this one still unfolding, after a volunteer on Sunday discovered a decaying garbage bag filled with 10 pounds of military-grade C-4 explosives, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said Monday.

Mr. Kelly said he did not believe the aging explosives were linked to a terrorism plot. No ignition devices or primers needed to detonate the C-4 were found. But how the explosives ended up interred near a 19th-century vault is still anybody’s guess.

Right! So! What is YOUR guess?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Haven't seen this much activity on Second Street since Angelina Jolie filmed 'Salt'

Here are a few current on-the-scene photos on Second Avenue and Second Street via blogger Adrianna Grezak ... (see her site here).

Remember when Angelina Jolie was here to film 'Salt'?

What the Marble Cemetery looks like when the bomb squad isn't around

The Marble Cemetery on Second Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue remains a huge crime scene now ... We're getting word that more police have arrived... Earlier today, a worker found some explosive material ... Per WNBC: The explosives are the kind used at construction sites; no ties to terror or other threats...

Anyway, during quieter times... here's what the cemetery looks like...

So much for the slow news day: Non-explosive explosive device found in Marble Cemetery

[DNAinfo/Julie Shapiro]

Whoa... we've been getting all kind of reports about the bomb squad on the scene on Second Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue...

Here is the Daily News. And the Post. And here's more from DNAinfo:

An explosive device was found in an East Village cemetery on Monday, causing nearby residents to be evacuated from their homes, police said.

The device, which was found in Marble Cemetery on 2nd Street between First and Second Avenues just before 11 a.m. on Monday, did not explode — and could not have exploded — because it did not contain enough material to do so, the NYPD confirmed.

It was not immediately clear exactly what the device was.

The cemetery is not usually open to the public, but the site was open for tours as part of this weekend's Open House NY program on Saturday and Sunday.

Police shut down the block on which the cemetery is located and anticipate its closure through the middle of the afternoon while the bomb squad survey the area, according to NYPD on the scene.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lawsuit claims two men helped themselves to empty Second Street condo

Per the Post today:

Two squatters who allegedly helped themselves to a Lower East Side condo after the owner died 12 years ago caused $70,000 in damages to the property, the owner's brother insists in a Manhattan lawsuit.

Wahid Sharaf battled for years to reclaim the condo at 184 East 2nd St., where his brother Siyad lived until he died in 1997.

Shortly after Siyad's death, Sharaf believed he had lost the fifth-floor luxury condo to foreclosure when a friend checking on the place found two strangers living there. It wasn't until a new condo-board president came on board in 2002, Sharaf claims, that he learned it was still in his brother's name, and that a man named Humberto Abenoza had moved in.

Abenoza and the former condo-board president, Raymond Sotnychuk, took the condo without permission, Sharaf alleges. When Sharaf finally got it back after a long legal battle, there was so much damage that he had to sell it for less than its $900,000 market value, he claims in a Manhattan Supreme Court suit filed last week.

He is suing both for a total $273,000.

Sotnychuk denied the allegations.

184 Second St. is between Avenue A and Avenue B.... in the above photo, it's to the left of the building that housed the long-defucnct East Village Lounge...

Friday, July 16, 2010

New school in East Village will cost upwards of $31,000 annually

As you may have heard, the World Class Learning Academy is taking over the LaSalle Academy space on Second Street and Second Avenue... It's a U.K.-based independent school (rich kid's school) for ages 3 to 11. (The old LaSalle space is currently getting spruced up...)

An EV Grieve reader asked if I had seen the tuition for the school.

I had not.

Tuition for 2010/2011 School Year, payable in two installments:

Foundation Stage 1 (Pre-K 3/Nursery), Half Day: $14,000

Foundation Stage 1 (Pre-K 3/Nursery), Full Day: $22,500

Foundation Stage 2 (Pre-K 4/Reception): $25,500

Years 1-6 (Kindergarten-Grade 5): $31,900

Noted the reader: "It's like a pre-K for NYU Dubai."

By the way, LaSalle, which has had 160 years of presence on the Lower East Side, is moving into part of St. George Ukrainian Catholic School on Sixth Street.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Here's your mystery block of concrete

Earlier today, EV Grieve reader Carl Bentsen mentioned a mysterious block of concrete that, uh, mysteriously appeared on Second Street and Avenue A... and he has now sent along a photo....

Any guesses?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blimey!: World Class Learning Academy takes over La Salle Academy space on Second Street

Crain's reports that the World Class Learning Academy — a U.K.-based independent school for kiddies age 3 to 11 — is taking over the La Salle Academy space on Second Street and Second Avenue. According to Crain's, "It will be the group’s sixth outpost in the U.S. and the first in New York. Its other American locations are in Boston, Charlotte, N.C., Chicago, Houston and Washington." The school opens in September.

And what will become of LaSalle, a Catholic boys school? They'll be moving into part of St. George Ukrainian Catholic School on Sixth Street.

Here's the happy-faced news release from LaSalle:

La Salle 6th Street is Born!
One of New York City’s oldest and most respected Catholic school secures its future on the Lower East Side.

La Salle Academy, an award-winning Catholic high school with over 160 years of presence in New York City’s Lower East Side, is expanding its educational programs to 6th Street, where they will be sharing space with St. George Ukrainian Catholic Schools, another historic neighborhood institution. The two schools will coexist in one building, but remain two completely distinct institutions. La Salle will also remain, in part, on the corner of 2nd Avenue and 2nd Street, in a building that will house an alumni center, administrative offices, a residence for the Brothers, and various rooms for student use.

The relocation comes after years of planning by the school administration and Board to address challenges that face inner-city Catholic education, including increased operating costs and decreased enrollment.

“With so much news about Catholic schools struggling, I’m delighted to state here and now that La Salle Academy will continue to provide its exceptional college preparatory education on the Lower East Side for generations to come,” said Dr. William Hambleton, the school’s president.

I knew money was tight for La Salle when they accepted a wrap-around ad for their building.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Nicky's saga continues

First we heard they might be closing... then they were just moving a few blocks away ... and now, Nicky's on Second Street is closed for renovations? This makes no sense... especially if they do plan to move a few blocks away...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches leaving the East Village?

There's now a "store for rent" sign over Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches on Second Street just off Avenue A...

Usually this is a sign the business below is closing or moving. (Oh, and they are still open: These photos were taken before their business hours.)

I sent an e-mail to Nicky's to ask what was happening... a member of the Dang family responded: "I am not sure if my family will keep that location in the East Village but we will find out in the next month or two."

The family member confirmed that they are currently working on a new location in the Financial District....

And they also have a location in Boerum Hill.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Eyewitness: Shots fired on Avenue B and Second Street

From a reader:

Something big went down on avenue B around 5:15 this afternoon. i was walking down houston when at least a dozen cop cars and a few ambulances zoomed past and went up B. i overheard one guy saying shots had been fired. i lurked for a few minutes and saw the cops kind of fan out around the area of B and and 2nd street. overheard some other store owners and passersby that the shooter was "on the loose." decided to hightail it out of there and a few minutes later saw 2 helicopters hovering over the neighborhood. Sorry i don't have more details but it seemed quite serious.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bleach patrol

Do you know who poured a gallon bleach on this car on Second Street last month? If so, $500 may be yours...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cutting condo prices by 20 percent on East Second Street

Back in November, we took a look at the new million-dollar condos hitting the market on East Second Street between Avenue B and Avenue C.... there were five units, ranging then from $1.2 to $1.9 million...

You remember 229 E. Second St., it looked like this...

And now...

In any event, the price of each unit was just chopped by anywhere from 10 percent to 20 percent... as StreetEasy (and Trulia) shows... the priciest of the units has dropped to $1.61 million from $1.98 million... ... what to do with that extra $380,000?

Well, they look like great homes... close to the trash-strewn lot next door (one of my favorites)...

...and the busy fire station directly across the street...

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Waterfront property losing value

Over at the Waterfront Spa on Second Street at First Avenue...

...half of the sign was painted over to make way for a new Vans ad over the weekend...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Million dollar condos hit the market on East Second Street

Not too long ago, 229 E. Second St. looked like this:

And so we've been watching the space's slow transformation into fancy housing. With a roof deck. (According to the DOB, the ground floor will be used for a community facility.)

And now!

The work at 229 E. Second St. between Avenue B and Avenue C appears to be wrapping up... five units, ranging from $1.2 to $1.9 million, are on the market. Let's take a look!

Here's a listing for the priciest of the lot:

229 East 2nd Street is a brand new boutique condominium that combines modern design and sleek sophistication into the highest standard of living, while providing a tranquil intimate atmosphere. This beautiful 2 bedroom/ 2 ½ bath Garden Townhome features double height ceilings in the living and dining area with floor to ceiling windows creating a sun drenched grand space that opens up to your 693 SF private garden! Even more impressive is the additional room that overlooks the double-heighted living room - ideal for an office, a media room, a guest bedroom or an entertainment den. Access your home from the ground floor or by using the key-locked elevator that opens up to your second floor. This residence is impeccably appointed and features beautiful hard wood flooring, high beamed ceilings and warm inviting color tones. Large open kitchens are equipped with the finest European appliances: Liebherr refrigerator, Wolf cooking range, Miele Dishwasher and wine cooler. Adding further to the ambience are Caesar stone countertops and state of the art cabinetry. All apartments have floor to ceiling windows and glass enclosed terraces off the Living Areas lending itself to either entertaining or quiet relaxation. Situated at the edge of East Village and Lower East Side, 229 East 2nd Street boasts exceptional access to the New Museum, Bowery Hotel, Whole Foods, restaurants and endless entertainment. 421a Tax Abatement. Laundry room in the basement. BEAUTY and VALUE!!


No mention of the empty lot next door...or the fire station across the street (positives, in my estimation!)

There's much more to discuss about this block...with fancy conversions getting ready down the street...

...including the mysterious 209 E. Second St., which Curbed has noted.

As Andrew Roth pointed out in "Infamous Manhattan," the intersection of East Second Street and Avenue B "probably saw more heroin retailing than any other spot on Earth." Until Operation Pressure Point. Another day for that one, maybe.

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