Friday, July 16, 2010

New school in East Village will cost upwards of $31,000 annually

As you may have heard, the World Class Learning Academy is taking over the LaSalle Academy space on Second Street and Second Avenue... It's a U.K.-based independent school (rich kid's school) for ages 3 to 11. (The old LaSalle space is currently getting spruced up...)

An EV Grieve reader asked if I had seen the tuition for the school.

I had not.

Tuition for 2010/2011 School Year, payable in two installments:

Foundation Stage 1 (Pre-K 3/Nursery), Half Day: $14,000

Foundation Stage 1 (Pre-K 3/Nursery), Full Day: $22,500

Foundation Stage 2 (Pre-K 4/Reception): $25,500

Years 1-6 (Kindergarten-Grade 5): $31,900

Noted the reader: "It's like a pre-K for NYU Dubai."

By the way, LaSalle, which has had 160 years of presence on the Lower East Side, is moving into part of St. George Ukrainian Catholic School on Sixth Street.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I understood the NYU quip unless it was about all private universities in general. Nor am I really sure what an acceptable tuition is for a private K-5 school should be.

Lisa said...

Well whatever tuition should be, $32K is a little rich for this neighborhood's blood. I got a perfectly fine education at a NY public school - I'm literate, employed and can read without moving my lips. What the hell more do you need?

Oh BTW Grieve, saw your quote in yesterday's AM New York - congrats!

prodigal son said...

Tuition at Georgetown is about $32 K per year. Add in room and board, and you get to $ 65 K per year.

Education these days is an asset bubble. Its the main thing making me hesitant about having kids.

VH McKenzie said...

Welcome to parenthood, kids!

I put our daughters in a local nursery school, Little Missionary Day Nursery on St. Mark's which was hardly marketed as a high-end private school. Btw, there are no public options for kids until pre-K (age 4) if you're lucky to get a spot in your local elementary school.

Back in '96, I spent something like $600 a month for my daughter to attend LMDN, 5 days a week, 8:30am-2pm, if I recall correctly. Now the fee is $820 a month for an 8-3 day. So a ten month school year is over 8 grand. And trust me, as much as I liked the school for my kids, it ain't no Dubai Pre-K.

Anonymous said...

The De La Salle Christian Brothers purchased the 2nd Street property back in 1856. It was formerly inhabited by American novelist Washington Irving. Over the years the Brothers changed the name of the institution on 2nd Street from St. Vincent's to De La Salle Institute and to La Salle Academy. In 1966, the Brothers expanded their presence on 2nd Street when they purchased a restaurant on the corner of 2nd and 2nd, which is now called La Salle's Annex.

By 2010, when the British Schools of America came into the picture, the Brothers owned 3 buildings on 2nd St. Two of them will be rented out to the BSA and La Salle will continue to use the Annex as the new Brother's house, Admin space, meeting rooms and Alumni Center...

It's a win-win for everybody. La Salle and the Christian Brothers benefit from renting the space to the BSA, while La Salle is helping St. Geroge's Ukrainian Schools on 6th Street - another Catholic School.

In these days, it's great to see Catholic schools working together in order to help each other survive and thrive when so many Catholic Schools are closing.

Two thumbs up to those who thought outside the box to make this happen and to ensure the mission of La Salle Academy, one that has touched New Yorkers for over 161 years and is the first of its kind for the De La Salle Christian Brothers in the United States!