Saturday, July 31, 2010

A terrible experience prompts bedbugs art

We've posted some bedbug art by Samuel Mark here in recent weeks... there's a short Q-and-A with him over at The Wall Street Journal... As he says about his bedbug art: " I am actually just trying to raise awareness. To me, it’s a big problem. I actually experienced bedbugs firsthand and had a terrible experience."

[Photo by EV Grive reader Dan N.]


Rmom said...

Wondering if there's an outbreak in Stuyvesant Town. I see a lot of mattresses, carpets and couches discarded on curbs (maybe it's a moving in/out time for college kids, too). Samuel Mark sure could make a huge art gallery! Can't help saying "Good luck with that" whenever I see little kids jumping on those mattresses.

macnyc said...

People are constantly moving in and out of Stuy Town (unlike the old days), so that accounts for some of the abandoned furniture. But bedbugs are a problem here too, unfortunately.