Thursday, July 29, 2010

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning Edition

Info on two block parties this Saturday (East Village Feed)

The swirly door on East Fifth Street returns (The Gog Log)

Patrick Hedlund interviews The Grumbler (DNAinfo)

The Grumbler on the perils of public sidewalks in our reality-show world (The Grumbler)

Price chopping on East 10th Street (Curbed)

The guy from Crowded House was ready to move into 240 Houston right before it caught fire (HuffPo)

115 Norfolk reveals itself (BoweryBoogie)

A hotel room on Bleecker Street for $2.75 a night (Ephemeral New York)

Underground rock scribe Jack Rabid leaves the East Village for Park Slope (Brooklyn Paper) Why? "I got married, and we bought a house. The other half of it was, I started to really hate the East Village. I used to say you’d never get me out of there with a crowbar, but it’s not the East Village I grew up loving in the late 1970s. There’s not a trace of the underground culture anymore."

And EV Grieve reader Blue Glass reports that Kathy's has completed the move a few doors down on First Avenue between 14th Street and 13th Street...

Good news... but what will become of the Tats Cru-painted gate?


Laura Goggin Photography said...

Kathy's is now Kathe?

Alex in NYC said...

Hey man,
Just FYI, it's Jack RaBid, not RaPid.

Keep'em flyin'.


EV Grieve said...

Thanks for the typo watch, Alex!

blue glass said...

sorry kathy's is kathy's

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Right, blue glass, I just wondered why the sign is spelled differently.

Boy & Girl Downtown said...

You have some awesome pictures up here! Esp. like the dummy with half of Angelina's head...

Anonymous said...

Instead of dissing the East Village to save face, why doesn't Jack Rabid admit that the East Village wasn't family friendly enough for him? It won't be long before he ditches the Slope for a ranch house in Jersey.