Thursday, July 22, 2010

No more skateboard park at Cooper Union, but WaterWorld is still active

On Tuesday, we linked to Quartersnack's post about the Cooper Union brass placing spiked bars on the skakeboarding ramp out front...

[Photo via Quartersnack]

Anyway, in the comments, our friend NYC Taxi Photo pointed out the following about the Cooper Union:

"[I]t's also a great piss spot on the back alley of the building. I went for a wiz there, and there was another guy with a drink in a paper bag that morning, commenting on my choice location who stepped right into that corner to do his number one right after i was done.

I have to give kudos to the cooper union for destroying the classic and putting up this new thing with so many great shady crevasses for the public to utilize best."

Hmm... and we know exactly the spot that he's talking about...

Should we expect outdoor urinal cakes next?

Meanwhile, speaking of bodily fluids, we have not heard from EV Heave in some time... I fear the worst...

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