Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Greenpointing of East Fifth Street continues

So, here's a quarterly update on the construction at 532 E. Fifth St. between Avenue A and Avenue B ...



Someday! ... Six floors and 10 units of glass and shine...

As a Curbed tipster noted back in February: "Six stories & ten units sounds reasonable, but that building is stylistically out of sync with the rest of the block. Reminds me more of the condos going up in Greenpoint."

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Anonymous said...

You know why it's different stylistically? BECAUSE those other buildings were built hundreds of years ago!!!! Get a grip!

East Village Eats said...

Is it me or is this building going absolutely NOWHERE!?!

Unknown said...

My apartment looks onto the back of this site. They have been working on this building for a long, long, time. Before they actually started building, there was a huge hole in the ground from when they tore down the old building that was just full of water for like a year.

blue glass said...

anonymous -
the other buildings may have been built over 100 years ago. that doesn't make the new one any better.
no class, no style.
different isn't necessarily good.
woud you throw out all the "old" paintings in museums?
have you no sense of history?
or anything before your time doesn't exist or is unimportant?

Anonymous said...

I would of loved to save the brown stone that was there. The owners would of as well. As a matterof fact. They wanted to. The foundation had serious issues and wasnt economicly feasible. So we salvaged all we could. The cornice was restored and hung on a building in Staten Island thats built during the same period. It can be viewed on DOORtoDOORrealty web site. 60-62 Vanduzer. Please update your photos from those stark images that are posted on this blog. I know its hard to keep all happy. But we do proceed with the enviroment in mind.