Saturday, July 24, 2010

Today in Tompkins Square Park.....

The SHADOW Presents: The Headless Horsemen, David Peel + The Lower East Side, Sexual Suicide, BANJI and *Star Fucking Hipsters* [Surprise speakers and more bands to be announced]


blue glass said...

free music in tsp is great. however, when it's brought to you by the very same folks that kept residents out of the park in the name of homelessness and affordable housing it's kind of a joke.
the shadow was one of them, in the forefront, that fought to allow people (not just homeless by the way) to take over and live in the park while they battled the construction of a low-income housing project in a nearby park.
and don't forget the vilification of anybody that tried to take the park back for residents.
while the police were totally out of control that summer night, they would not have been there if not for the so called anarchists and their friends.
the park looks great now. everybody (i repeat everybody) can take advantage of the park.
it took a long battle to reclaim the park and a lot of work by the original charlie parker festival folks who should be given most of the credit.

john penley said...

I am sure the person who made the comment above will be happy to hear that most of the tent city people who were living in the park are now dead from HIV or Hep C. i know because I visited many of them while they were dying in various hospitals. Charlie Parker was a junkie. The same people who put on the Charlie Parker festival also opposed the Housing Works aids housing facility on Ave. D Die Yuppie Scum