Thursday, July 22, 2010

Verizon fights back against cupcake graffiti

We've been documenting the back-and-forth with the brown paint alongside the Verizon building on 13th Street at Second Avenue.... these appeared the other today...

And, courtesy of EV Grieve reader evilnyc, we see that Verizon has quickly struck back today...

I have a feeling they're going to need a lot of brown paint.

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T.E.V.B. said...

More cupcakes! Or a REALLY long dick. Tee hee.

The blotches of different shades of brown look way worse.

dmbream said...

Heard a great Steinbrenner story last week:

When he first bought the Yankees, the stadium was frequently tagged with graffiti. He had the maintenance crew paint over it immediately. For a while, without fail, the taggers would return each night to mark up the walls again. And without fail, George would tell the crew to go and clean it up.

When one of his staffers asked why he bothered when they would just keep coming back, George said:

"I can afford a lot more paint than they can."

Verizon is a $75 billion DJIA component.

Anonymous said...

Now if only the owner who keeps leaving their dog crap over there would bother to pick it up, the block would be a lot cleaner.

Jogromit99 said...

I can't get over it. That cupcake is the SAME tag that is on my block all the time in the Bronx on the Concourse at Bedford Pk Blvd!!!! What is the cupcake a symbol of? I've been pondering it for a while and now that I found it at 13th and 2nd Ave I am WAY more curious...any leads? anyone?

Anonymous said...

"I can afford a lot more paint than they can."

No you can't.

"Verizon is a $75 billion DJIA component."

Really? OBV. Well go spend $75 billion on paint because none of us spend $any $ on paint. So in reality we actually have more money then you. Because the more we paint, the more you waste. & we never waste a penny. Therefore we have an unlimited supply of talent & skill to get & do what we do without spending. SO how do you have more money? Get robbed bitch.

We are the 99%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!