Monday, October 11, 2010

So much for the slow news day: Non-explosive explosive device found in Marble Cemetery

[DNAinfo/Julie Shapiro]

Whoa... we've been getting all kind of reports about the bomb squad on the scene on Second Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue...

Here is the Daily News. And the Post. And here's more from DNAinfo:

An explosive device was found in an East Village cemetery on Monday, causing nearby residents to be evacuated from their homes, police said.

The device, which was found in Marble Cemetery on 2nd Street between First and Second Avenues just before 11 a.m. on Monday, did not explode — and could not have exploded — because it did not contain enough material to do so, the NYPD confirmed.

It was not immediately clear exactly what the device was.

The cemetery is not usually open to the public, but the site was open for tours as part of this weekend's Open House NY program on Saturday and Sunday.

Police shut down the block on which the cemetery is located and anticipate its closure through the middle of the afternoon while the bomb squad survey the area, according to NYPD on the scene.


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling a lot safer from the non-explosive device now that 100 choppers are flying over the 'hood.

The bicycle/Times Square/consulate bomber hasn't been caught, right? Maybe the cops figure they are chasing that guy. Didn't he/she toss crudely made semi-bombs over fences? And, doh, ride a bike? (There's a bike lane on both sides of Marble cemetery, right? That probably attracts terrorists.)

Or it's Kiki Strike, Marble cemetery's most famous warrior.

Anonymous said...

Interesting...according to the NYT and the Daily News, the C4 was years old and had been in the graveyard for atleast a year, maybe longer.