Friday, October 29, 2010

5C Cultural Center & Cafe continues eviction battle

The owners of 5C Cultural Center & Cafe, which opened in 1995 at Avenue C and Fifth Street, continue to battle being evicted by their landlord... As Time Out put it earlier this month: "Sadly, it’s an all-too-familiar story: Another cherished downtown cultural hub is in danger of disappearing."

Here's more from the piece and co-owner Bruce Morris: “'The basic claim is that we violated the terms of the lease,'” explains Morris, noting that he feels 'the landlord’s thought is, How can we harass them enough to get them out?' Based on the landlord’s claims — that they changed the facade, altered a window and didn’t soundproof the space, all of which Morris denies."

You can read the rest of the TONY article here. And Morris wrote about their ongoing landlord troubles in The Shadow here.

Meanwhile, there's a fundraiser tomorrow night at 6 featuring Shoshke-Rayzl on guitar and co-owner Trudy Silver on's also the birthday of one of their founding directors, Silvia Ravelo.

Via e-mail, Silver told me: "We're back in court on November 10th, ... last court date many students, parents, seniors, musicians and educators showed up in support."

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