Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This evening on Ninth Street at First Avenue

Just checking in on the scene on Ninth Street and First Avenue following the explosion this afternoon... There are several ConEd crews on the job... and it looks like a few businesses and residents on the north side of Ninth Street just west of First Avenue are without power...

Here's one comment from earlier...

HippieChick said...
I heard the initial big boom, then nothing until I started smelling the horrible smoke. FDNY made a silent approach, for never a siren did I hear.

Then the lights started flickering on 9th Street. Badly flickering. I turned my computer off at once, and everything else too, and went down to see what the hell. FDNY just standing around and told me Con Ed wasn't expected for 20 minutes, as there continued to be small explosions and lots of smoke.

Eventually Con Ed showed up; there's still trucks on the block at this, but the lights have been steady since about 2 pm.

It's always something.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"For never a siren did I hear"

Do people really talk like this?