Friday, July 6, 2012

The Villager tours the Economakis mansion on East Third Street

In an article last week at The Villager, Lincoln Anderson wrote about his recent tour of 47 E. Third St., the former tenement that Alistair Economakis renovated for his family. (This after clearing the five-story rental of its residents.)

We meant to link to it ... this week, the post also appears at The East Villager. So here's another chance to revisit the article in case you missed it... no photos, though. (The family thought "this would be an invasion of their privacy.")

Anderson offers highlights from the home, which includes a wrestling room ... he also tracks down a few of the building's former tenants who took buyouts ... as well as gets comments from City Councilmember Rosie Mendez.

One other tidbit: Alistair Economakis commissioned the Mosaic Man to create a border above the basement's basement-level storefront ... which Economakis hopes to rent out to a medical facility.

Read the whole article here.

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Anonymous said...

Pure puffery. That reporter was used. An invasion of privacy? If you were worried about your privacy being invaded, you never would have consented to the tour and article. Just enough info to get their side out to the public.
Architectural Digest? I could understand why they wouldn't want photos if the house is finished to the level of being worthy of an Architectural Digest feature.

Anonymous said...

Did they show off the additional story they added that was supposed to be a greenhouse but is all brick? and then on top of that they put huge solar panels that block the light for the rest of us. Now I get to keep the lights on all day. I heard they sold it already to a corporation they formed based in Colorado.I can't wait for them to really sell it and leave.

OWR said...

What, no outrage at the Mosaic man for selling out? Why cause he's 'local'? The posers, I mean posters here are beyond hypocritical.
Grieve why no 'editorial' comment about this outrage?
Yeah, very rebellious. Sure.