Friday, July 25, 2014

Reader mailbag: Where are the best coffee shops with WiFi in the East Village?

From an EVG reader:

Can you ask readers to weigh in on the best coffee shops in the neighborhood with WiFi? Please help!


So I can't help … I only know about the places with good Fax machines.

Anyone? Coffee and WiFi?


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Anonymous said...

one note
if you currently are a Time Warner Internet Subscriber
there is extensive WIFI Network in the city that comes with the service

I can go to pretty much any coffee house and just log in to TWC Wifi

Anonymous said...

I'm partial to the 9th street espresso — the one on 9th street and ave C.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you where to avoid.

If you are at the western edge of the EV there are lots and lots of coffee shops with good wifi, but you will never get a seat because they are full all the time with NYU students.

Think Coffee on 4th, the Bean on B'Way, Everyman on 13th, Pie Face on 4th, Starbucks at Astor Place. All have coffee, all have wifi, none have open tables any time I have ever been there.

Pain Quotidien has space but no wifi.

I hesitate to share my secret hangout, but if you promise not to tell the college students, its the bar / cafe in the new Hyatt hotel on 4th and 13th. Only used by adults (currently), decent coffee, free wifi, reasonably friendly people.

I would LOVE to support my local cafes like Think Coffee and the Bean, but since they encourage all day table squatting I've given up on them.

You may have better luck further east in the EV as NYU students don't like to walk too far from their dorms.

9:46 a.m. said...

What is a wifi? I know of good places where they have good coffee and telegraphs.

marjorie said...

Thank you, Anonymous 9:42 -- i live right across from one of the Bean outposts, and I agree; it's too packed to be a viable option. I've had good luck at Ost Cafe on 12th and A; I do think the NYU crowd considers it off the beaten track, and the coffee is excellent and I haven't had trouble finding a seat.

Anonymous said...

Native Bean between 3rd and 4th on Ave A. Is pretty great.

Anonymous said...

i always find space at the bean on 2nd ave / 3rd st. and their other ev location further east - is it ave a/9th-ish?

if you can do w/o coffee or drink it sneakily, remember public libraries have wifi with no hipsters there usually. tompkins square branch, ottendorfer branch on 2nd ave/7th ish, mulberry street branch near lafayette (last one is nicest).

i don't like going there, but i thought whole foods had wifi.

nygrump said...

I'll mention our little local spot Elsewhere Coffee @ 335 E 6. I understand what 9:42 is saying, NYU has lounges and study areas and libraries and dorm lounges and empty classrooms the students can use that we cannot but they always taking space diddling on their devices, their phallic substitutes.

12:03 p.m. said...

Ok, seriously, most of these cafes/coffee shops that have coffee and free wifi play loud music (esp. The Bean, both locations) to discourage patrons from lingering too long. I've tried this "work" from "home", like right now, thing and ended up using up to four coffee shops in one day because I can't stay too long or concentrate at one coffee shop/place. Having said that, here are the places that I've discovered, not all coffee shops, but have coffee and free wifi, and aren't too crowded where one can do some work:

-Café Standard, at the Standard East Village

-B Cup Café on Avenue B

-V Bar at St. Mark's, open at 9am for its "café"

-Starbucks on 3rd st. and 1st ave. (49 1/2 1st Ave). I know, I know, it's a Starbucks. But people are in and out in the a.m. to get their coffee before work, and hardly anyone stays or sit in there, and the baristas are nice compared to that other coffee shop where people go to in lieu of or to boycott Starbucks.

Somewhat outside of EV:
- The area in the lobby of W Union Square called the "Living Room" has couches and communal tables and they have tea or coffee snacks.

-Right next door to W Union Square, 201 Bar and Restaurant; serves breakfast, coffee, tea. You can even have cocktails in the a.m.

-And further up and West of EV, the Ace Hotel Lobby Bar and Coffee Shop

The public libraries, as someone has mentioned, but no food or drinks are allowed at NYPL.

Or you can just get coffee from your local bodega and sit at Tompkins Square Park or Union Square Park, both have free wifi.

My pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Stay home! Keep that screen out of your face, life is passing you by...

Anonymous said...

Fuck this shit. How about "Where are the best coffee shops WITHOUT WiFi Anywhere". That's what I would like to know.

Anonymous said...

I would prefer cafes without WiFi.

Even better are those that forbid mobile phone usage, like Café Gitane.

- East Villager

Anonymous said...

The Think on 4th Ave doesn't have wifi (or at least it didn't as of a few months ago.
The Argo Tea at 11th and University is a decent option if you don't mind a chain.
Table 12 was always excellent, but now that it's Au'Zaatar, I'm not sure if they still welcome daytime laptop people. Ost across the street is usually crowded, but has good coffee.
B Cup at 13th and B
There are also a lot of options not too far south of Houston.

Choresh Wald said...

Fresco Gelato on 2nd Av between 9th street and St Marks Place

g whiz said...

If you want to avoid the NYU kids go to a bar, most have wifi and usually lots of room

Anonymous said...

I've also had luck at bars. Some have decent coffee. Or a $3/4 beer during happy hour. And usually very quiet during the day. And a single beer (or two) is better for you than a coffee (or two).

Anonymous said...

Gingersnaps organics on 7th and A has wifi and excellent (but expensive) coffee and plenty of outlets. They didn't seem to mind that I camped out for many many hours and even let me borrow a iPhone charger.

jenny said...

Native Bean on Avenue A between 3rd and 4th. Great atmosphere and the nicest guys around.

Anonymous said...

So sick of motherfuckers sitting on their laptops at cafes and I have nowhere to sit and enjoy my coffee. It's nauseating, to be honest.
Glad some have implanted no laptop shit.
Sometimes, I want to go I'n for a 20 minute meeting with my laptop and have a coffee, but I get embarrassed thinking I look like one of these selfish pigs.