Thursday, February 23, 2017

The campaign to save the TV series 'Uncle Buck' is underway on Avenue C

This flyer, spotted last evening on Avenue C at Eighth Street, is asking fans of "Uncle Buck" – based on the 1989 film starring John Candy — to sign a petition in an effort to bring the canceled ABC series with Mike Epps back for a second season.

News of that the show's demise was first reported last July.

The petition, also created last year, currently has 264 signatures.

Meanwhile, maybe ABC will bring back "Blood & Oil" starring Don Johnson.

H/T @david_reyer


Anonymous said...

Is this street art? Who would want a 5.2/10 IMDB or 32% Rotten Tomatoes show continued. The ax seems like a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Buck the movie is a priceless gem.

The battle between Buck and Shanice was classic.

I love how Buck offers her breakfast, she smarmily says no thank you, he gives her breakfast, and she shoots back "Are you deaf?"