Thursday, March 11, 2021

Anthology Film Archives will remain closed for the time being

One year ago today Anthology Film Archives temporarily closed its doors at the start of the pandemic.

Although NYC theaters were OK'd to reopen at limited capacity last Friday, the theater on Second Street at Second Avenue was not among the movie houses electing to restart its in-person programming. 

Here's more via the Anthology Instagram account
[D]espite that announcement, Anthology is not planning to rush it — given the current COVID numbers in NYC, the uncertainty surrounding new variants of the virus, and the increasing momentum of the vaccination program, we are keeping our theaters closed for the time being. 

We're hard at work developing the protocols that will allow us to safely reopen when the time is right, and we’ll keep you updated. 

Meanwhile, we'll continue to offer online programming before and after we open our doors, so that until everything returns (as much as possible) to normal, watching our programs from home will still be an option.

The Anthology is a vital part of this neighborhood (and NYC)... looking forward to when they are ready to safely return.


Anonymous said...

as a vital part of the neighborhood, it would have been kind if they had once shoveled their snow. .... they lost my love as i saw neighbors struggle for weeks on the Anthology's sidewalks.

Anonymous said...

At least there's one sensible business in the city.

Anonymous said...

@7:34 never miss an opportunity to be negative!