Thursday, June 2, 2022

The Tacos Cholula cart makes triumphant return to 2nd Street

After a 5-month-plus absence, the Tacos Cholula cart is back at its usual spot on the NW corner of Second Street and Avenue A. (Thanks to the reader for the photo!

The cart went AWOL sometime in late January/early February... before a Tacos Mary cart showed up for a bit in March before also disappearing. 

Hopefully, the cart is here to stay now.


Donald Joseph said...

I know two people for whom this news is the glory of glories, a righteous renaissance of a favorite, best-ever, all-time-superlative G.O.A.T. taco truck...anywhere.

I am related to those two people.

As for ME, though? The best I can say is, well...meh.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't mia, it was on 13th and first ave