Monday, February 19, 2024

Catch some emerging bands at the New Colossus Festival this March 6-10

The 2024 edition of the New Colossus Festival takes place from March 6-10 at East Village and Lower East Side music venues, including Arlene's Grocery, Berlin, Bowery Electric, Heaven Can Wait, Knitting Factory at Baker Falls, Mercury Lounge, Pianos, and the Rockwood Music Hall. 

This is a great (and budget-friendly) opportunity to catch a lot of local bands as well as emerging artists from the U.S. and abroad. Check out the schedule and find tickets here

We've enjoyed finding new bands via these showcases, such as Lukka, fronted by East Village-based singer-songwriter-composer Franzi Szymkowiak. (Read our interview with her here.) 

The New Colossus Festival started in 2019.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have recommendations on the better or most popular bands of the festival?

Grieve said...

To 10:04,

I spent some time on the New Colossus website (linked to in the post) and went through the lists of artists taking part this year... they link to their music... and made some decisions based on that.

editrrix said...

I heard Mary Shelley play in Tompkins at one point and they were a fun punk band from Brooklyn with great energy. They're on the list and pretty good.

Dave on 7th said...

Be sure to catch local band Earth Dad playing Mercury Lounge on March 10

Anonymous said...

Such a great festival!

Here's the link to the playlist featuring all the bands: