Wednesday, February 7, 2024

'Goodbye to the Brick and Mortar' at the Tompkins Square Library

The Tompkins Square Library branch currently features local illustrator Lily Annabelle's work in an exhibit titled "Goodbye to the Brick and Mortar," featuring an array of dearly departed storefronts. 

Here's more: 
When storefronts have become an integral part of a community’s identity, it is a curious journey exploring the dynamics between the way they were built to look and the way the community saw them, the way the owners wanted them to look, and the way they stay in our memories after their departure. 

Lily's "Goodbye to the Brick and Mortar" series is a celebration of the life and memories these neighborhood establishments generously gifted us. In illustrating memorabilia from different eras and piecing them back together, Lily skillfully tells a story that defies time, lets the old meet the new, and pays homage to the humans who have made a mark on the community. 
Featured storefronts include Odessa, CBGB, Mars Bar, and DeRobertis Pasticceria and Caffe. 

Annabelle's work will be featured through March 29. (She had a similar exhibit at the Hudson Park Library last year.) 

Hours: Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday. 

The library is at 331 E. 10th St. between Avenue A and Avenue B.


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful! And so many memories.
Thanks EV Grieve and Ms. Annabelle.
Wondering if the artist ever documented the old Kiev Diner on 7th Street.

Anonymous said...

I see that you DID capture the Stage Restaurant. Another beauty.

Anonymous said...

Thanks NYPL - Tompkins for putting this on - and thanks Lily -

Anonymous said...

I miss Odessa…..

Anonymous said...

God, I miss Odessa too. That new joint with the red drapes looks like Dracula’s lair

Anonymous said...

Hi ! This is Lily !! 🥰 thank you so much I am so glad to hear you enjoy the drawing ♥️♥️