Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Closings: Emilia by Nai on 1st Ave.

Photo by Pinch

A for-rent sign hangs above 174 First Ave. (south storefront), marking the official end of Emilia by Nai here between 10th Street and 12th Street.

There's no mention of a closure on the restaurant's website or Instagram account. A "Closed for Private Event" sign had been on the storefront for months.

This was a return (circa June 2022) to the address for Chef Ruben Rodriquez, who ran Nai Tapas Bar in the subterranean space until a move to Second Avenue in 2018.

Rodriquez has several other restaurants in the neighborhood, including the recently opened Bad Hombre at 29 Second Ave. — the former Amigo.

Per the listing (PDF), the asking rent at 174 First Ave. is $18,500 a month.


Anonymous said...

$18,500 for that tiny space?!? Rents are beyond ridiculous, for residential and commercial. Where is the breaking point?

peterw said...

What are the property taxes? Does anyone understand the city budget is over $100 billion? And billions more for migrants? NYers need to learn how the city budget is funded.