Monday, February 26, 2024

On 5th Street, Etérea announces a March 30 closing date

Etérea, the vegan Mexican restaurant in Overthrow Hospitality's portfolio, will close at 511 E. Fifth St. between Avenue A and Avenue B at the end of March. 

In an Instagram post, Overthrow said the restaurant that opened in April 2021 "has not achieved the level of success we had hoped for." 

They also cited the death of Etérea Chef Victor Hernandez, who suffered a stroke on Dec. 26, as "a void that cannot be filled."


Starting March 4, Etérea will only be open for dinner, Wednesday-Saturday, 5-11 p.m. The last day is March 30. 

Overthrow will be unveiling a new concept for the space this summer.


Anonymous said...

Eterea will be missed terribly, but hopefully whatever comes next will be just as good

KHD said...

This spot seems to struggle. When it was Goat Town, we used to go all the time for brunch. I think that was 2-3 restaurants ago.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel bad because they think they could attack their big ugly brunch signs to the light poles. I am done with any business that puts their A frame signs in the middle of the sidewalk or does this. Unless they cool.