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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

[Updated with crowdfunding info] A look at the fire-damaged 11-13 Avenue D

Updated 9/21: A neighborhood resident who has a friend who lived in the building has started a GoFundMe for all residents here at 11-13 Avenue D. For the link here


Here's a look at 11-13 Avenue D one week after a two-alarm fire caused smoke and water damage in the 6-floor residential building between Second Street and Third Street. 

Windows on several of the 16 residential units are boarded up. The city also issued a full vacate order on the premises...
Per the city: 
Due to extensive fire damage at 1st-floor restaurant along with fire, water and smoke damage throughout building... fire fighting operations to vent out entire building where all windows and doors have been removed along with removal of the skylight for venting. These hazardous conditions have therefore rendered the ENTIRE premises unsafe to occupy. 
The fire has also shut down the three retail establishments at the address: Joseph's Convenience Store, New Chinatown Restaurant and Royal Fried Chicken. 

Sources said the fire started in the New Chinatown Restaurant, which was not open at the time. An EVG reader and resident of the building left a comment on the post about the fire stating that no one was injured. 

The FDNY has not released an official cause of the fire.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Report of a 2-alarm fire at 11-13 Avenue D

A two-alarm fire damaged several businesses and displaced residents late last night at 11-13 Avenue D between Second Street and Third Street. 

The @FDNYalerts account first noted the fire at 12:41 a.m. ... ... with the "under control" coming at 2 a.m. ... Nearby residents reported seeing flames coming through the roof of the six-floor building. (H/T Bobby G.

Video taken from the scene shows extensive damage to the three ground-floor businesses: Joesph's Convenience Store, New Chinatown Restaurant and Royal Fried Chicken. (New Chinatown Restaurant was not open at the time, as firefighters had to cut through the gate to access the establishment.)
At this time, there isn't any official word of injuries, the origin of the fire or the extent of the damage to the residential units.

Updated 8:30 a.m. 

EVG reader Bobby G. shares this photo from this morning...
Screengrabs via video by THEMAJESTIRIUM1.