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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Origins of the Mystery Lot Monster revealed!

During the weekend, a mysterious creature appeared in the Mystery Lot off 13th Street...

Most people thought it was likely just a student art project ... or a prank. That's what THEY what you to believe. We noticed the usual entry points into the lot have been sealed. So how did this thing get inside?

Well, this one-time innocuous photo taken during the winter by EV Grieve reader Ann now offers conclusive evidence...

The creature was hatched from this pod that fell to Earth from parts unknown.*

[* "allegedly"]

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Mystery Lot is living up to its name!

During the weekend, a reader sent along this photo from the beloved Mystery Lot on 13th Street... Good lord! What IS THAT!?

We investigated...

We also dispatched EV Grieve Technologically Advanced Form of Extraterrestrial Life Correspondent Bobby Williams to the scene...

It's either:

A) An art project created from materials found in the lot
B) An impromptu shelter
C) A monster

Being rational, we definitely think it's a MONSTER.

We also got this upclose shot via James and Karla Murray...