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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Creating the Barry McGee wall a lot more awesome than we originally thought

So.. as we noted yesterday, Barry McGee (TWIST) and his team put up new work on the Deitch Wall on Houston and The Bowery....

Well! Late last night, we heard from The Art Collectors... and they have a full-on narrative of work on the corner... "which ended in a collision, flipped SUV, near arrests, and booty shaking girls."

Indeed! Check out some photos... and you can read the whole shebang at The Art Collectors.....

(All image © Jeff Newman/TheArtCollectors)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Parting shots for Shepard Fairey on the Deitch Wall

Last night, while Twist and crew were working on the new mural on Houston and the Bowery... several images appeared on the wall.... like the one above... Via the Flickr page of *niCOle* ... you'll find some other messages from last night there... (Thanks to EV Grieve reader T.E.V.B. for the link...)

Deitch Wall now with a TWIST

As we noted last Thursday, the Deitch Wall on Houston and The Bowery would soon be home to work by Barry McGee (aka Twist)... As Animal New York reports (via BoweryBoogie), Twist and company began tagging the wall after midnight...

Here it is now...

Per Animal:

"TWIST and company finished the mural that is likely to breed outrage, anarchy and cliché news narratives questioning whether graffiti is art."

Their headline: "Twist's Completed Masterpiece."


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Work under way at the Deitch wall

A crew is currently prepping the wall at Houston and the Bowery for a work by Barry McGee (aka Twist) ...

And I hope it's not an ad for this... currently parked across the Bowery...