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Friday, June 25, 2010

Shear madness?

Speaking of new bars, the Blind Barber has opened on 10th Street near Avenue the former Plan B space (same owners, I believe)...

Frank Bruni paid a visit at the Times... Here's a Frankenblurb or two... He described it as "a new establishment in the East Village with a worrisome moniker but an amusing conceit: Every $40 haircut or $30 shave comes with a cocktail (or beer or wine) from an adjacent lounge in back, enabling the patron to do follicular and spiritual maintenance all at once."


Although we reporters are usually loath to admit this sort of thing, the release got my attention. It heralded a “barbershop and lounge mash-up,” casting the enterprise as “the ultimate experience in multitasking.”

“Not enough hours in the day for that much needed haircut?” it asked. “Has yet another social obligation cut into your grooming time?” Enter the Blind Barber, where you can socialize and groom simultaneously, or at least in rapid succession, under one roof. Get buzzed while getting buzzed. Combine hygiene with high jinks.

Uh, anyway, I walked by the place Wednesday evening and spotted a bouncer and velvety-looking ropes....

Back in January, Fork in the Road noted that Blind Barber would also be serving food from Gnocco next door...