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Monday, April 25, 2016


On this Monday night, I'm looking at the Sunday Post, which included an interview with former East 13th Street resident Bret Easton Ellis... on the occasion of "American Psycho" opening on Broadway.

To his thoughts on NYC today:

Ellis finds current-day New York a bit unsettling: “I ate last night at the Ace Hotel and it was like a hipster museum. Dinner was incredibly expensive and I was the oldest person there; everyone was dressed in their artisanal finery and going home to watch ‘Girls.’

“New York once seemed to be a place for adults. You went knowing that it was going to be about sex and grit and drugs. Now New York seems childproof, like a moated, gated community for tourists and rich people.”

But do they like Huey Lewis and the News?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

You can now rent Bret Easton Ellis' apartment in the American Felt Building

Yesterday afternoon, Foster Kamer at The Observer noted that L.A.-based writer Bret Easton Ellis was renting out his American Felt Building apartment on East 13th Street. (Ellis announced the rental via Twitter.)

Here's the listing via Warburg:

This is your opportunity to rent at the famed American Felt Building, one of the best-known and most coveted addresses in the Union Square vicinity. The area where this apartment is located actually includes eight different neighborhoods, as this former factory building is ideally situated at the crossroads of Gramercy, Union Square, and the East & West Village. . . . The food shopping alone makes the area a destination: the original Greenmarket, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods are all only minutes away. The apartment features maple floors, double sinks, 14' ceilings, oversized windows, and a washer/dryer. Building amenities include a common garden off the lobby and a roof deck. Topping it off is a private, exclusive, 400 square foot terrace. This is an open loft. There is no separate bedroom - but lots of open space where you can live the life you love.

[How loud can you play the Huey Lewis and The News here?]

Price: $5,000 a month. And you can see it during an Open House Friday evening 6-7 and Sunday afternoon 2:30-3:30. And you never know who you'll bump into.