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Friday, January 8, 2016

Reminders (1st of 17): MulchFest — or TreeCycle! — is this weekend in Tompkins Square Park

[Photo Monday by Bobby Williams]

MulchFest 2016, TWO action-packed holy days of obligation in the blogosphere, is happening tomorrow (Saturday!) and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Tompkins Square Park.

Per the Park Depo on what to do: Please remember to remove all lights, ornaments and netting before bringing the tree to the Park. Bags will be provided if you wish to take some free mulch home or, as we like to do, place between our cheek and gum like Skoal.

Also, this is important: Please remember to remove all children from the trees as well.

As you can see, several trees were discarded yesterday in Tompkins Square Park with the children intact, as these photos by EV MulchFest Associate Editor Steven show...

Oh, we're joking. The kids actually took cover here from some Post reporters.

Also, if you can't make MulchFest (lazy!), then the NYC Department of Sanitation is continuing special curbside collections for mulching and recycling of Christmas/holiday trees through next Friday.

And finally (finally), a reminder on East Fifth Street that may be a clever imitation of the East Fifth St. Tree Committee...

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Reminders: Ignore the East 5th St. Tree Committee at your own peril

[Neerad Jet via Facebook]

Here on East Fifth Street between Second Avenue and Cooper Square, the East Fifth St. Tree Committee holds forth, warning cyclists from locking their bikes to the tree guards.

As you can see in the above photo via the Committee's telltale pink flyers, a cyclist received a warning. When the bike remained in place for several days... Well!

Bam! Case closed. Next!

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And now, a word from the East Fifth St. Tree Committee

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rogue bike discarders threaten sanctity of the East Fifth St. Tree Committee

On Monday, we noted that the East Fifth St. Tree Committee had returned with a vengeance, removing bikes from a tree guard between First Avenue and Second Avenue ...

Now, EVG reader Podunk notes more threats of discarding bikes parked on the sidewalk along East Fifth Street (between Second Avenue and Cooper Square), though it appears to be the work of another individual ... or, perhaps, a splinter group... Regardless, like the East Fifth St. Tree Committee, these people mean business...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The folk hero of East Fifth Street

A reader shares this incredible true story from early Monday morning...

[Not the actual bus in question]

I guess the 6-12 people on the safari party bus were caught a bit off-guard last night when I began trying to kick their door in. Awoken moments before, at 4, by the shouting and music, I went to the window and saw what it was and quickly grabbed my pants, shoes, thought of getting a bat, but didn’t want to wake the kids by opening their baseball gear. It was their sleep that I was trying to preserve after all.

When I went outside I wasn’t thinking that I’d be trying to kick their door in. Maybe I tried to push the door open to scream at them to move on? I don’t quite remember...except that the door was shut hard and that I was giving it my all now, repeatedly...wham! wham! wham!

As I was doing this I think I was screaming to get the bus OFF this street (maybe not as nicely as that). At one point I exchanged some words with someone baiting me at one of the two open windows, he telling me how he was going to fuck me up and holding a kitchen scissors as if it was a knife, and me saying to come on out bitch as I leapt up and tried to grab his face off.

I should have, of course, thrown a punch but didn’t, and they weren’t coming out of the bus either. There were no real fighters there, myself included, thank god, just a lot of testosterone, booze, etc. The kid turned away when someone said let’s move down the street.

And, the bus was up and running and as I was thinking down the street isn’t going to work for me, a half drunk can of beer came whizzing by my head. I followed the bus on foot, opened a recycle bin or two and pulled out some bottles, 32oz-ers I think, three of them, and I was running now. The bus thought about parking for a sec, and then decided to hightail it as they saw me running up behind them, except that the light was against them. They paused before running it as I hurled bottle #1 at their rear and as they floored it up the Bowery I hit them once again with #2.

I do wish that I had just knocked on their door and kindly asked them to turn down their music and move their party elsewhere. Oh well, perhaps this might help other prospective traveling living rooms to steer clear of East Fifth Street.