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Saturday, September 16, 2023

Kyp Malone's 'Dream Articulations' at Snow Gallery

Photos and text by Daniel Efram 

"Dream Articulations," multimedia artist Kyp Malone's first solo show, opened Thursday evening at Snow Gallery, 129 Eldridge St. between Delancey and Broome on the Lower East Side. 

Though Malone is known by many for his musical contributions to Rain Machine and previously, in large measure to TV on the Radio, he has been painting seriously since a young age.
"Dream Articulations" is a colorful and absurdist take on "a detailed imaginary world thought to originate in childhood." Malone grew up being deeply informed by the Jehovah's Witness; however, as he grew older, his track led away from the church's teachings, leading him to describe his art as "redecorating the architecture from cult indoctrinations." 

This impressive showing includes 13 watercolor pieces on paper. One of the highlights of the show is this highly detailed hand-painted jacket...
The show is up through Oct. 15. The gallery is open Thursday to Sunday from noon to 6 p.m.