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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And this little piggy wants to turn three landmark homes into one

Oops. Outside my neighborhood again. But. Jeez.

As the Times reports:

When Andrew Carnegie decided to build himself a mansion in 1898, he headed to the northernmost reaches of the city at the time, situating his 64-room Georgian-style country home on a relatively undeveloped tract of land at 91st Street and Fifth Avenue. There was even enough space for what was then one of the city’s largest private gardens.
Combining and Expanding A century later, when Dr. Mitchell Blutt, a modern-day tycoon made rich on Wall Street, wanted a mansion of his own, he found Mr. Carnegie’s neighborhood, now known as Carnegie Hill, not surprisingly plumb out of space.
To solve the problem, Dr. Blutt bought the two town houses directly east of his current home on East 90th Street, between Park and Madison Avenues, in order to combine the three Romanesque Revival, four-story town houses into one 17,000-square-foot dwelling. His plans have prompted protest from neighbors, who see an intrusion of a suburban-style “McMansion,” and from preservationists, who fear that they would destroy the character of the landmark-protected buildings.

[Image -- Andrea Mohin/The New York Times]