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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

ICYMI, July 4 holiday edition

[Stress of getting to the BBQ on time when you have the grill]

In case you were away or not online much during this long holiday break... a look at some EVG posts from Friday night on...

Christo needs a larger bird bath (Tuesday)

Body found in the East River north of the Williamsburg Bridge (Tuesday)

Details on the "New York in the 70s" series starting this week at the Film Forum (Monday)

Reader report: Rooftop fire on 12th Street (Monday)

Cab strikes and kills 87-year-old man on Cooper Square (Monday)

There was a street fair (Sunday)

Why it would be a bad idea to take this discarded carpet on Second Avenue (Sunday)

Fake severed head discovered in Tompkins Square Park (Sunday)

Your July 1 rainbow action (Saturday)

"Sesame Street" filmed on Sixth Street, starring Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird (Saturday)

The Tompkins Square Park sinkhole remains in sinking form (Saturday)

The Victor Gallery closes on Third Street (Saturday)

Gigi wants to know where the Yasso S’mores frozen Greek yogurt bars are at Key (Friday)

... and yesterday, Derek Berg spotted this pretty rare 1965 Ford Cobra on Seventh Street at First Avenue ... which attracted some attention...

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Your July 1 rainbow action

[Click to go big]

The top photo by Tall Betty is from Seventh Street between A and B...


A shot via East Village-based photographers James and Karla Murray...


And on Second Avenue via Regina Shvartsman...


And one more reader-submitted photo...

Thursday, June 22, 2017