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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The dog-pampering Nolitan taking reservations starting July 1

We haven't paid too much attention to the long-delayed Nolitan, the high-endy boutique hotel on Kenmare and Elizabeth. Been following the drama at BoweryBoogie, Curbed and the Lo-Down.

Anyway, happened to walk by it yesterday, and wanted to learn more... Per the hotel website, it looks as if they're accepting reservations starting for July 1 — at a special intro rate of $305 per night.

And according to a press release an article posted Friday at Delood:

When you are staying at The Nolitan Hotel you will have the best service, luxury and hospitality available to you. The staff is there around the clock to provide you with with whatever you need – And we mean WHATEVER – a shoe shine, a presentation printed, dinner reservations, or even a dog walker. All dogs from Neapolitan Mastiffs to teacup Chihuahuas are welcome at The Nolitan. In fact, the hotel has a Director of Pet Relations; a six-year old Shepweiler (German Shepherd-Rottweiler mix) named Penny. Penny will make sure all the pet provisions and amenities are in order when you let the hotel know you are coming with your four-legged friend. She’ll arrange everything from spa treatments to peanut butter ice cream and give you the scoop on neighborhood dog runs and pet friendly establishments.