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Thursday, October 7, 2010

First resale at Village Green?

At the Village Green on 11th Street, everyone's favorite eco-indulgent condo, a one-bedroom apartment is back on the market — listed at $1.05 million....

Here's the Corcoran listing:

Great south facing one-bed one-bath with an office. This 880 square foot apartment provides room for generous room proportions, office, and a washer/dryer. Floor-to-ceiling windows add to the feeling of spaciousness. There are solid FSC certified 4-inch wide white oak floors throughout. There is also a shallow balcony off the living room for those who enjoy growing their own herbs or just some beautiful flowers in the gorgeous southern light!The master bath features Persian green marble countertops, glass tiled walls, Zuma tub/shower and advanced water conservation Toto toilet and fixtures.

According to StreetEasy, this unit was sold last December for $1,041,280. It was recently relisted for $1,170 million... and, last week, the priced was shaved 10 percent to 1,050 million. See if for yourself during open houses on Sunday and Wednesday. As far as I can tell, only one other unit — the $1.9 million penthouse — remains on the market ... with 34 of the 36 homes taken...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Curtain call at Village Green Wellness Center

Faithful readers of this space know that we have been excitedly awaiting for the arrival of the new gym Wellness Center at Village Green on 11th Street... Based on the artistic renderings of the space, the groundlevel location seemingly would make this awfully public ....

Not so fast, pervs! You've been thwarted by a curtain!

Safe, then, perhaps, for the "bona fide supermodels" who are reportedly living here to work out without the paparazzi getting a clear view...?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Looking at the Village Green condo pool table

Just off the lobby by the new gym Wellness Center here on 11th Street...

Figured an eco-indulgent building would have a pool table with ... green billiard cloth or Mali pool table felt.

Meanwhile, the lobby and pool table make an appearance in a new listing for a home here via Corcoran...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here comes the gym (wellness center!) at Village Green

We can't wait! to see the new gym Wellness Center at our favorite eco-indulgent condo on 11th Street... given the bonafide supermodels moving in here, this will become a veritable creepster's delight!

And, in recent days, the equipment has arrived!

Let's take a look!

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

"Is this the new East Village?"

The Daily News checks in with an update on Village Green, the eco-friendly condo on 11th Street and its developer, Michael Namer.

What we learned from the article:

[A]ll but two of 36 units are sold in the building that has a green roof, uses Daikin HVAC systems instead of a boiler, has a wellness center, recaptures rainwater, and counts several buyers as bona fide supermodels.

Is this the new East Village? Maybe, maybe not, but Namer and company proved that good product marketed to the right audience will find buyers, even with prices averaging $1.1 million.

And a great headline for Joe Coscarelli's post on this at Runnin' Scared:

The East Village is Finally Safe For Yuppies, Parties and the Environment

(One item I didn't note on the Daily News piece: "[Namer] throws huge parties. One is so big they have to almost close the street.")


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Please meet the next corner of the Bowery primed for something luxurious

Yesterday, Eater broke the news that a new eatery is in the works at the former Sunshine Hotel Annex on the Bowery at Stanton Street...

Now... it looks as if yet another corner of the Bowery is ready to fall into the hands of luxury ... The space is available immediately at 348-352 Bowery, which is these three properties:

The killer here is the corner of Great Jones... home of the auto repair shop... this business has been doomed for years... just waiting for the day to be swallowed up in the wake of the Varvatos-DBGB-Bowery Hotel luxury invasion... the listing says this 800-square-feet of outdoor space is available... and that restaurants are welcome! But of course!

Some facts from the listing:

neighboring tenants
John Varvatos, Rogan Jeans, Whole Foods Market, DBGB, Gemma, Double Crown, Il Buco, Pulino's Bar & Pizzeria, and Five Points Restaurant

- Nightlife corridor
- Unbeatable 24 hour/seven-day-a-week traffic
- In close proximity to The Bowery Hotel and The Cooper Square Hotel
- Located among some of downtown's best eateries
- Can be combined
- Restaurants welcome

Can we put this one into our McNally Effect folder too? And here's how it all might fit together...

Meanwhile, one of the properties for lease is the former sales office for Village Green, your favorite eco-indulgent condoplex on East 11th Street...Given the apparent success of Village Green... an off-site office may not be necessary...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Village Green's project runway

On Sunday, I thought there was a big Open House or something at Village Green, 11th Street's very first "eco-indulgent" condo. Seemed as if management busted out the velvet ropes to make potential condogoers feel as if they were entering a self-important hookah bar or something. Just needed a few bouncers with clipboards and headsets...

Then yesterday, there were huge lines to get in! Is there really a demand to get those remaining units?

Seriously. What? I made my way up front... and... It's Fashion Week! Uh, at least Eco Fashion Week!...

Guess it makes sense to hold this show here, in a building billed as environmentally friendly with LEED-Gold certification ...

There was a guy with a clipboard and headset... and only letting in people on some list. I'm never on any lists. So, uh, I kind of snuck in...

Anyway, roughly where the gym will be on the ground floor to the west of the lobby ...

A runway was set up for designer Joann Berman...and away it went, with eco-friendly designs made with organic materials and recyclables and what not...

That's Berman in the sunglasses below after the show...

In the end, though, I was not as successful sneaking up to see the $2 million penthouse...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eco-indulgent gym not quite ready for action on 11th Street

Oh! The big Village Green ad came off the front windows at, uh, Village Green, 11th Street's very first eco-indulgent, harmony of mind and body, of time and place, of luxury and lifestyle condo.

Can we see that street-level gym Wellness Center yet?!

Well. Sort of.

Dude, where's the ab lounge?

Then! The paper went back up on the windows...

Until the Wellness Center is open, you Spandex-craving peepsters will have to keep trudging over to Dolphin on Fourth Street near Second Avenue....


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Village Green shows off its glass

Little by little we're starting to see just what "eco-indulgent" living will look like. The new condo on 11th Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue is now sporting new front windows...


Sometime soon!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Village Green bares its fangs

Some day soon, these menacing-looking fangs coming from our favorite eco-indulgent condo on East 11th Street...

...will help provide shelter to the citizens of VG...

Previously hereabouts.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Village Green sheds the sidewalk shed

Some day soon, Village Green, the "eco-indulgent" new condo on 11th Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue, will look like this...

...where residents enjoy "serenity in the city" while cars roar up the street at 100 mph...

...and we've been eagerly awaiting what this will really look like...

And now, the sidewalk sheds have been removed...

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