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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Report offers recommendations for preserving independent East Village businesses

[Image via the EVCC]

Via the EVG inbox…

The East Village Community Coalition (EVCC) announces the release of "Preserving Local, Independent Retail: Recommendations for Formula Retail Zoning in the East Village." The report analyzes the growing presence of chain stores, proposing a framework for limiting the expansion of formula retail.

Three possible methods of formula retail zoning are proposed within the report. These options — aimed at informing decisions by East Village policy makers — have been crafted using case studies, legal suggestions and pre­existing zoning frameworks from other parts of the country.

"As the trend toward homogenization progresses in New York, with respect to both the built environment and retail landscape, a timely solution is needed to preserve the individuality of the city’s neighborhoods," said Sara Romanoski, EVCC's managing director. "Placing restrictions on formula retail establishments via zoning amendments provides a path to preserving the rapidly changing East Village. An East Village Special District using the proposed framework will emphasize the importance and uniqueness of the community."

The full report (PDF!) is available for download here

Learn more about the proposal at the Preserving Local, Independent Retail Roundtable on Wednesday, June 24 from 6­-8 p.m. at Downtown Art, 61 E. Fourth St. between Second Avenue and the Bowery. ​Register to attend here.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

State of independence -- and where you can find the East Village of the 1980s today

New York magazine has a handy guide to independent record stores, book shops, galleries, etc., in this week's issue. Of particular interest to me: the record stores, a list that includes Academy Records, Other Music, Second Hand Rose and Hospital Productions. Fine, fine. I still really like Etherea on Avenue A, so let's give them a little love, huh?

Of note is the galleries section. Bushwick gets the following ID by noted art critic Jerry Saltz: "It's the closest thing to the eighties East Village."