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Friday, January 29, 2016

Reader report: Why does this block of East 4th Street smell?

From the EVG inbox...concerning East Fourth Street between Avenue B and Avenue C

A terrible smell has been lingering since the blizzard like a dead dog — or, not to be overly dramatic, a dead person.

This morning the area was surrounded by yellow tape. A police cruiser was blocking the street to traffic, and a Con Ed van was parked at the scene.

EVG correspondent Stacie Joy had actually taken some photos of the block, which is now closed off for Con Ed and other assorted emergency vehicles.

A resident says that Con Ed is here responding to a service outage. As for the possible source of the smell, one of the Con Ed workers said that their meter readers didn't pick up any natural gas. Yay!

Meanwhile, farther down the block at Avenue C... the FDNY was on the scene...

The FDNY, witnesses said, was there because of a manhole fire (it is manhole fire season!), which they believe led to the service outage up the block.

A manhole fire could cause a smell ... though residents have noticed the aroma going back to Sunday. No one could place the smell. Some suggested a very large dead rat. Some went with fermenting garbage. Another theory included "maybe someone hit a deer."

Other theories are also welcome, probably.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Why the East Village smells like a campfire this morning

Oh, morning! Pretty nice out. Kinda misty/smoky though... and there's a noticeable odor...

Thanks to some alert EVG Facebook friends ... here's the answer... via NBC 4:

The smell of smoke wafted over New York City early Monday after a brush fire broke out in a state forest in central New Jersey, authorities say.

Storm Team 4 meteorologists say that winds most likely carried the smoke to the area Sunday evening. Winds died down overnight, settling the odor over the city. The odor should be observable for the next eight to 12 hours.

Working on the EVG Odorama feature now...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Headline of the day (so far)

Via DNAinfo:

Two People Overcome by Mysterious Smell in East Village Staples

No explanations just yet about what happened here on Broadway and East Ninth Street this morning. Do you have any theories?