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Monday, February 22, 2010

A bad sign at the Mystery Lot?

For nearly three years, our favorite empty lot probably anywhere (dubbed the Mystery Lot by Curbed) on 13th and 14th Street off Third Avenue included an ad for (Awesome one-off buy!)

Now, in recent weeks, we just noticed that the ad has been removed...

Does this finally mean a dreaded "for sale" sign will appear?

Please no!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another view of the Mystery Lot

Just wanted to follow-up on the Mystery Lot post from late July. Wanted to have a record of the lot from the 14th Street angle looking south toward 13th Street.

And thanks to everyone who left comments on the post. Chris Flash had a chance to look around at the interior of this property's former occupant, the Jefferson Theater. "The place was in horrible condition, but definitely could have been rehabbed. The lay-out was tight but perfect for sight lines and accoustics -- I could feel the history still living inside there."

A shame.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

An appreciation: That empty lot on 13th Street

Between Third Avenue and Second Avenue. The empty lot has been discussed for years. It has sat vacant since 1986. The Jefferson Theater was here. According to Cinema Treasures:

[T]his theater was located at 214 E. 14th Street near Third Avenue. The entrance was a narrow space between two tenement houses with the bulk of the theater (auditorium) located in 13th Street. The Jefferson operated at least into the 1970s and was demolished in 2000. Today, the site is filled with bricks and debris from the demolition and the old Jefferson as passed on.

Here's what it looked like near the end, via Forgotten NY:

Despite threats/promises of development through the years, the lot -- 23,000 square feet -- remains empty. But for how long? So, until NYU or something comes along...

Earlier this week:

The previous week: