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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Which new building looks the most out of place in the East Village?

In the last month or so, we've posted items on the unveiling of several new buildings around the neighborhood... in three of the cases, we heard from people who thought the new buildings looked really out of place alongside their neighbors ... like when we mentioned 100 Third Ave. yesterday.

So... with that in mind... which of these new buildings that we've seen in the last month seem the most out of place to you (this has nothing to do with the amenities and what not on the inside... just purely from how they fit in the skyline) ...


532 E. Fifth St.

219 First Ave.

[Via evilnyc]

100 Third Ave.

A little out of bounds and not quite as new as the first three ... but I'd toss in 290 Mulberry at the corner of Houston... as BoweryBoogie noted, workers recently replace the years-old plywood around the perimeter...

We could do one of those fancy widget poll things ... but if you just want to weigh in with an opinion in the comments... [Please note: "All of them" will be accepted as an answer.]

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

For your ugly East Village building consideration

Back in November, a reader suggested that 147 First Avenue was the ugliest building in the East Village... I don't agree ... In any event, the post prompted some e-mails from readers suggesting other ugly buildings... I had forgotten about it, to be honest... until yesterday's item on the new office building coming to 51 Astor Place... which isn't as ugly as much as out of place... [Pauses] OK, it's ugly.

Anyway! A few more candidates ... there are plenty of others... but for now....

(Regarding this one below on First Avenue... it's more the color scheme than anything...)

I'm happy to take other suggestions. And no fair saying everything built in the last, oh, 8 years on the Bowery.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is 147 First Avenue the current ugliest building in the East Village?

A reader sent along a note about 147 First Avenue at Ninth Street... most recently the home of Angelica's Herbs ...

The e-mail read, in part:

Have you seen what has to be the plug-ugliest building in the EV, 147 1st Avenue, NW corner of 9th Street?

It used to be a herb store ... and it might become a restaurant soon.

But what about the ugly floors above it? The ones that are boarded up and look more like an ex-prison than anything else?

The ones that make the building easily the ugliest in the EV?

Hmm, I don't know. Is this the ugliest building in the East Village?

[Sidewalk photo by Blue Glass]

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Questions and statements on the LES

At Clinton and Stanton on the LES.

In front of 32 Clinton, the four units ranging from $1.8 million to $2.5 million.