Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Is Duane Park in the Bowery Poetry Club's future?

As noted previously ... We've heard a lot of speculation in recent weeks about the future of the Bowery Poetry Club. All sorts of rumors have been flying around, from an imminent closure to a months-long renovation. On June 21, founder Bob Holman assured us the Club was not closing permanently.

A commenter left this on our Jugger-nut post last night... and it falls in line with what we've heard of late about the Club's future:

Around the BPC, it is pretty well known at this point that BPC is 1st closing for months of renovation. (i.e. transformed into an upscale supper club and stripped of it's salt-of-the-earth art aesthetic and events.) After, it is being leased by said fancy supper/cabaret club Duane Park. Many Bowery performers do indeed perform there, but their dinner/show night is $75 and their show content is mostly cabaret jazz and upscale burlesque. Apparently Bob will be booking the club on Sundays on Mondays only? So perhaps a few poetry events of choosing will remain at the BPC.... I will miss the BPC terribly.

Side note: Lady Gaga made a surprise appearance at Duane Park's After Dark party back in 2010. You can look at more of the Tribeca club's jazz and burlesque offerings here.

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Marty Wombacher said...

I just clicked on the Duane Park link and...that's Lady Gaga!