Monday, July 9, 2012

The Meatball Factory looks rather closed

EVG reader Tony noted the following this past weekend:

The Meatball Factory/Pop-up Restaurant/The Meatball Factory Plus has not looked very open the past week, with no sign of any movement in other ways, either. Hopefully it is not going to become a 7-11 or IHOP East.

True. The space looked rather deserted when we stopped by. They were not open during their announced hours yesterday. The inside was in some disarray... there were dirty glasses ... empty shelves... scattered tables and chairs...

Perhaps, like several other restaurants (Prune, The Immigrant), The Factory took off last week for vacation. But there's no note... No message on Facebook... No outgoing phone message...

The Meatballers opened here on 14th Street and Second Avenue to some fanfare last October (our dearly departed reviewer liked it!) ... the place had a celebrity chef of sorts, "Top Chef" alum Dave Martin, who left in the spring,

The Factory apparently closed in early May ... quickly becoming a pop-up restaurant by The Hole people called Hole Foods.

It reopened in late May with an expanded menu that featured a little bit of everything. Sake! Sangria! Fajitas! A raw bar!

As you may recall from last July ... a Meatball Factory rep told an EV Grieve reader that the meatballs here "will put the Meatball Shop to shame."

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randall said...

Hmmm. I guess the union couldn't stop the Meatball Factory from closing. Now I guess I'll have to get all my meatballs from China, where they pay their workers $.001 per meatball made. No way a factory in New New York could compete with that.

Anonymous said...

Shut up about unions already. Move to Detroit it you want unions. I hear they worked out real well for Big Auto

Crazy Eddie said...

@Anony 5.19 PM-Yes, all those PDNY, PANYNJ, FDNY and EMS union employees who went to their deaths on 9/11, well fuck them. Blow me, dickweed!

Anonymous said...

Now I feel bad for having dissed the place before. Thats what they get though for this shameless coattail ride. There I go again.