Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Another broker for the former Chase branch on Avenue A

As noted yesterday, the Santander branch on Avenue A and Fourth Street will close on April 27. Neither here nor there but this will make Avenue A bank-branch free in late April. (Unless one opens before then...)

The Chase branch at 20 Avenue A and Second Street closed in November 2015 ... and that space remains on the market.

Late last week, a new wraparound for-lease sign arrived via Eastern Consolidated... and this is either the fifth or sixth (or seventh?) broker to try to rent the storefront in the past two-plus years. For example:

[October 2016]

[May 2016]

[February 2016]

Now, Eastern Consolidated has No. 20 listed at $110 per square foot. There's 4,000 square feet on the street level and another 4,000 in the basement. (PDF of the listing here.)

Eastville Comedy Club looked at moving from Fourth Street into part of the space at No. 20. However, CB3 denied the application last October, citing, among other reasons, that this address was never licensed before ... and that it exists in a saturated zone.

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Anonymous said...

Why can't that space retain a tenant? It's a good size, and it's on a corner.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they should split the space up and lease to 2-4 different smaller companies. Oh wait the landlord is hoping for a big national chain store, never mind.

Anonymous said...

No banks then from Houston to 14 St on Avenue A or First Ave.

The first bank on First Ave will be on 15 St, Chase and Citi.

From Houston to 14 St on Second Ave, there is
TD ( First St ), Chase (10 St ), Capital One (10 St ) and Two Ukrainian banks( 6th St and 13th St ).