Thursday, September 27, 2018

Help plan a park at the DEP shaft site on 4th Street

That long-vacant lot on Fourth Street between 2 Cooper Square and the Merchant's House Museum has always been a bit of a mystery ... seems like prime space just waiting for a, say, hotel!

Since the 1990s, the Department of Environmental Preservation (DEP) has used this city-owned space to work on shafts connected to the underground network of tunnels that supply the city's drinking water.

Now, as promised some years ago, this lot will be turned into a city park — or rather "passive recreation space."

On Monday night, reps from the city will host a meeting to discuss usage for the site...

Per the invite:

Please join us to discuss creating a passive recreation space at the DEP shaft site on East Fourth Street

Monday, Oct. 1:

6:30 p.m. — Meet first to see the DEP shaft site

7 p.m. — Scope meeting at JASA Green Residence, 200 E. Fifth St. at the Bowery

This project was funded by Mayor de Blasio and former Council Member Rosie Mendez, and is supported by Council Member Carlina Rivera.

NYC Parks is starting the design process for this project by holding a scope meeting, in which local residents and stakeholders to learn about the opportunities at the site and provide feedback. With this input, we will develop a design to be presented to Community Board 2 for public review.

The park space here will measure 9,750 square feet. This DNAinfo article from 2016 has more background.


Anonymous said...

Finally! Good news. These public planning processes are always BS they do not care one lick when anyone thinks and have the plan already set but great it will become something green!

noble neolani said...

This is good news and hopefully more people using this green space will become familiar and visit the Merchant House Museum. I just wish the city would purchase the lot on the west side of the Museum and put to rest the torture the developer of that lot is putting city residents through.

franceonisland said...

Great news! It's almost as if Parks and DEP read my mind. A much better use of land that's next door to one of the oldest houses in NYC! I'll spread the word to my neighbors. EV Grieve is the best!

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Wow, thanks for some good news!