Friday, September 14, 2018

The 5C Café and Cultural Center hosts the 2018 Dissident Arts Festival tomorrow night

The East Village portion of the 2018 Dissident Arts Festival takes place tomorrow evening at 7 at the 5C Café and Cultural Center.

Here's more from the event website:

On Sept. 15 the action moves to the 5C Café and Cultural Center, long-standing home of avant jazz and bold performance, where funds will be raised for the Alliance of Families for Justice and the NYC Jericho Movement. Both organizations advocate for the unjustly incarcerated and call for urgent prison reform.

The evening opens with a solo performance by renowned drummer William Hooker, and includes 5C’s own pianist/composer Trudy Silver, Ras Moshe’s Music Now! and the Flames of Discontent duo of Festival director John Pietaro and Laurie Towers. The closing act is international songwriter Martina Fiserova.

The 5C Café and Cultural Center is on Avenue C at Fifth Street. Find more 5C Café info here.

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JQ LLC said...

"Where's the outrage"

Indeed. There is none. That's why Cuomo is running for re-election with universal support from the NY Times and the political elites in the Big Democrat Club.

Have a great show.