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Monday, January 26, 2015

Hey, it's a dorm

We've posted photos of the new dorm at 35 Cooper Square and East Sixth Street in various states (like here and here).

Anyway, we just realized that we haven't posted a photo of the (almost) FULLY REVEALED dorm. So here you go.

And, as previously reported, the dorm will house students from Marymount Manhattan College, which is nowhere near here.

A news release from the school in April 2014 said students will be moving in for the fall 2015 term...

As for the rest of the release....

Cooper Square will be an all-encompassing, apartment-style residence hall for sophomore, junior, and senior residents. The new residence hall will be located on the corner of Cooper Square and East 6th Street, otherwise known as one of the most trendy and artistic locations in all of New York City. The 12-story residence will include a floor-wide student lounge, a robust fitness center, a study room, and a beautiful terrace on the 7th floor. The new residence hall is located just a few minutes from the 6 train, where students can quickly make their way up to the Upper East Side for class, or can bike uptown thanks to a bicycle storage room.

And two of the renderings from the release...

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Proposed dorm for former 35 Cooper Square looks to be 4 floors taller

[December 2012]

Nearly two years ago, the historic, circa-1825 building at 35 Cooper Square was quickly demolished.

As we first reported last Aug. 21, developer Arun Bhatia filed paperwork for a 9-story dorm for an unspecified school in this space.

The proposed plans called for a 9-story dormitory with 43 rooms ... plus retail on the ground floor. In total, the building would be nearly 35,000 square feet (at a height of 117 feet).

And that was that. The plans continued to be "pending" with the DOB.

Until this week, when subsequent paperwork filed with the DOB yesterday show a 13-story dorm in this space instead...

Perhaps if they wait a little longer they can get it up to 18 floors.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

The latest message at 35 Cooper Square

This spring, someone has been leaving messages for/about developer Arun Bhatia at the formerly historic 35 Cooper Square ... we're on to message No. 3 now... (the first one is here ... and the second is here...)

Actually, this one is more of a checklist than a message...


[Photos by Bobby Williams]

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Neighbors continue show of support for Arun Bhatia

Spotted outside the formerly historic 35 Cooper Square. Still no word yet on what developer Arun Bhatia has planned for this parcel at East Sixth Street.