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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Penistrator clues: Haley Joel Osment owns one baseball hat, probably

So, you remember all that business about someone who looked something like Haley Joel Osment drawing a snow peepee on East 12th Street last January... (it made international headlines...)

Of course, there were some people who weren't convinced that this, indeed, could be the star of such motion pictures as "Artificial Intellignce: AI." Like, for instance, one commenter, who we'll call "JM," wrote: "maybe it's just some fratty white kid in a ballcap."

Last night, an anonymous commenter left a message on that post, saying: "the only way you can actually tell its him is from the hat. there are tons of pics/videos of him wearing that hat all over the place."

It's true, we found. Look! He wears a hat that looks similar to the person who was drawing a snick (snow dick) on that windshield...


Belated kudos to New York magazine for naming the Penistrator one of the reasons to love New York in 2009...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow job: The Penistrator fails to rear his ugly head

Given the international attention the Penistrator has received, we figured this snow fiend would strike again at the first sign of the white stuff. Like last night. As our profiler noted, "all the attention is going to his head." With that, we set out once again to catch the so-called snowffiti "artist" in action...(and by we, I mean me....)

We walked for what seemed like days, finishing the blackberry brandy that we brought to keep us warm some five hours before we actually left. And we walked....

And walked...

And walked...

Twenty minutes later, still nothing. Oh, he resisted the urge! This Penistrator is a crafty one...

Until another day, one that brings snow, football and a drink-and-drown happy hour. (Trust us, we're not doing this every snowfall.)

And if you woke up this morning to a street full of snow penii, please let us know. As our new motto goes, If you see something, like a snow penis, say something.

Previous Penistrator coverage on EV Grieve is here.

The East Village Penistrator finally gaining attention of the international community

Thanks to the good people at the River blog for reporting on this news that deserves global coverage, especially overseas. Anyway, my Italian isn't so good. So I have no idea what this post says.

Our intern ran the post through The Yahoo! Babelfish translator...and it goes something like this:
To Rome on the dirty cars there is who writes "washes to me", or more varying others veraci. To New York, from some time, there was a joker who went designing make them and an other series of "obscenity" on the parked cars. After a big wave of collective curiosity, of the case the net has been taken care also pettegolezza of Tmz, that it has sguinzagliato for Manhattan its photographers. At the end the graffitaro-penologo has been pecked: it would be such Haley Joel Osment, university student and protagonist of "The Sixth Sense".

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow is in the forecast tonight, which means....

We'll be watching you, Haley Joel...or whoever the dastardly Penistrator probably really is! Our traps have been set. Oh, wait. No football tonight. Hmm.

Meanwhile, the Splash photo of Mr. Osment from the other day showed him in front of an apartment building marked 310...

That would be 310 E. 12th Street between Second Avenue and First Avenue...right in the heart of the recent trail of snowffiti.

Which means... absolutely nothing!

Monday, January 26, 2009

A stunning development: Is Haley Joel Osment the Penistrator?

Thanks to the tip from the commenter on the last Penistrator post for this news: So! Is Haley Joel Osment, the Sixth Sense star and NYU student, the notorious Penistrator leaving the snow penii on unsuspecting cars around the East Village? The always reliable had the following shot of someone who looks a lot like HJO...

That stroke looks very familiar. Is this how you Pay it Forward?

More TK on this worldwide, breaking, developing story...