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Saturday, December 1, 2018

A moment with former First Lady Michelle Obama on 7th Street

[Video screengrab]

Earlier today, former White House chef Sam Kass was thought to be the main event in a talk on healthy eating over at the Lower Eastside Girls Club on Avenue D and Seventh Street.


[A]s Kass detailed the former first family's nightly dinners, Michelle Obama entered, and the girls screamed, cheered and embraced in excitement.

Obama and Kass then served food to each individual girl before the group sat down for lunch and conversation.

That passage was from ABC 7. (This Vanity Fair piece has more details on the event.)

Yesterday, the Crown Publishing Group announced that Obama's memoir, "Becoming," has sold more than 2 million copies after 15 days, reportedly making it the year's best-selling book.

Also yesterday, Obama signed copies of the book at the Barnes & Noble on Union Square.

Meanwhile, around the Girls Club, word spread about the special guest (Obama, not Kass) ... and a crowd gathered outside. East Village resident Angeline Rodriguez shared this video clip...

"It was a really nice community moment, with everyone meeting or recognizing neighbors and talking about how much they admired Mrs. Obama's work," Rodriguez told me.