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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

There are 8 million stories in the naked city... and this is one of them on 2nd Avenue

Text and photos courtesy of Felton Davis (top photo via Goggla)

I was standing on Second Avenue and Second Street watching workers demolish the corner building, part of LaSalle Academy since the 1960s. A couple stopped near me who used to live in the neighborhood.
Boldly interrupting their reminiscence, I explained that before the building was part of LaSalle, it was a famous Jewish restaurant called Moskowitz & Lupowitz for many decades. It was also featured in one of my favorite episodes of the classic TV series, "Naked City."
In the episode, titled "Memory of a Red Trolley Car," a chemistry professor, played by Barry Morse, accidentally breathes in a fatal amount of poison gas. With only a few days to live, he goes to talk with his mother (Gladys Cooper),  his ex-wife (Beatrice Straight), and his girlfriend on the side (Peg Murray).  

The latter he meets in Moskowitz & Lupowitz, and he does not do well in communicating his plight to her. When he starts coughing, she covers her face and tells him to go away.
Leaving the restaurant, he turns north on Second Avenue and passes by the Church of the Nativity rectory, and the church itself, still with its Greek architecture. [Ed note: the original church was demolished and rebuilt after a fire in 1970.]
Before I could get any further into this endless recitation, the woman stopped me and asked, "What did you say that TV show was?"

When I answered, "Naked City," she was very surprised and said, "My Uncle Paul played the detective!"

So, a great history is all around us, as neighborhood tour guides know. Below is some information about Moskowitz & Lupowitz, including a video of the Pincus Sisters singing their song about the restaurant...

For further reading:
• Moskowitz & Lupowitz (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

• Plans call for 11-story condoplex at the former site of Church of the Nativity and LaSalle on 2nd Avenue (EVG)