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Monday, November 7, 2022

Motorino closed for renovations; return set for Nov. 18

Motorino is behind plywood at 349 E. 12th St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue. 

The pizzeria will BRB...
This Motorino outpost closed on Oct. 18 for "equipment maintenance, a new sign and a fresh coat of paint." Their Instagram account says, "We'll be back on Nov. 18, ready for another 12 years in the East Village."

The locations on the UWS and the original in Williamsburg remain open.

Motorino arrived here in the fall of 2009. 

Thanks to Steven for the photos!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

At Motorino, waiting for a table, watching a woman vomit out the front window

Food writer Jordan Zucker shared this anecdote on her blog Oxtails, Cocktails, and Rock Tales.

Her party ended up at Motorino on 12th Street and had a short wait for a table this past Thursday evening.


While we were waiting, a girl sitting at the open window table, turned to face the street and puked all over the side walk. Twice. The party then got up and left. The restaurant cleared the table and welcomed us to it. I explained what had happened and requested a hose down of the adjacent street. Apparently she had just done a number on the bathroom as well. Once they finished cleaning that, the sidewalk was next.

Despite all that, she liked Motorino.

[Photo via Oxtails, Cocktails, and Rock Tales]

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fire trucks outside Motorino

Last night after 11, a reader noted a rather chaotic few minutes... the building in question houses Motorino:

11:21 — They have 12th st between 1st and 2nd aves closed off right now and 3 firetrucks are on the scene looking for what may be a gas leak? They're on the roof of the building now.

11:24 — Hmm scratch that. Looks now like its an electrical thing. ConEd on the scene.

I thought the smoked pancetta might have been a little too smokey. [And the crowd boos....]

Monday, September 14, 2009

Motorino show

Motorino, the much-discussed pizzeria from Williamsburg, opened its EV location today at 5...around 7, the place was surprisingly only half-full... maybe it's the no booze thing (a license is on the way...) S'Mac next door was noticeably more crowded...but it was earlyish and Monday and stuff...

And the pizza part of the menu...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

"The Motorino sign is up!"

I was standing out front of Motorino, the new pizza place opening tomorrow on 12th Street just west of First Avenue...pretending not to be taking photos...

...and a woman walked by and exclaimed to her friend, "The Motorino sign is up!"

I'm not much of a pizza gourmet -- the two slices for $2 variety works fine for me. But some people seem really excited that Mathieu Palombino, who owns the Williamsburg Motorino, is opening a Manhattan outpost. Another reason to go stand in line! According to the Times:

His seven styles of pizzas will include some with seasonal toppings — brussels-sprout leaves in October, shaved porcini later in the fall and black truffle and taleggio cheese in the winter. There will be antipasti, like slabs of mortadella browned in the oven and vegetables roasted with pecorino. And there will be soft-serve ice cream.

It’s a playful variety of toppings and dishes that will be familiar to Motorino regulars. The simplicity of pizzeria fare has been a departure, though, for Mr. Palombino.

Trained in the most haute of French traditions, Mr. Palombino worked in Europe before moving to New York. He was chef de cuisine at BLT Fish when it was given three stars in The New York Times by Frank Bruni in 2005. (Motorino’s small wine list will be chosen by Fred Dexheimer, who worked with Mr. Palombino at BLT Fish.)