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Monday, September 30, 2019

Reader report: 'Vomit situation' on Avenue B (aka noted)

From the EVG inbox... location: West side of Avenue B between 10th Street and 11th Street...

"The smell came Friday. There was a large industrial black trash bag that was leaking vomit. It was terrible and stunk up the whole block all weekend."

Mmmm. And this morning?

"Now it appears the trash bag has disappeared and all that is left is an industrial amount of vomit."

The reader signed the email: ?????????

Friday, May 4, 2012


From the Village Pourhouse Facebook page:

What are YOU doing on Cinco de Mayo? If your answer remotely resembles "traveling to multiple downtown bars while drinking awesomely cheap tequila & beer specials and wearing a sombrero/mustache" then you belong with us at Village Pourhouse!

What's the over/under on Saturday, May 5 being more of a shitshow than Saturday, March 17?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

At Motorino, waiting for a table, watching a woman vomit out the front window

Food writer Jordan Zucker shared this anecdote on her blog Oxtails, Cocktails, and Rock Tales.

Her party ended up at Motorino on 12th Street and had a short wait for a table this past Thursday evening.


While we were waiting, a girl sitting at the open window table, turned to face the street and puked all over the side walk. Twice. The party then got up and left. The restaurant cleared the table and welcomed us to it. I explained what had happened and requested a hose down of the adjacent street. Apparently she had just done a number on the bathroom as well. Once they finished cleaning that, the sidewalk was next.

Despite all that, she liked Motorino.

[Photo via Oxtails, Cocktails, and Rock Tales]

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

EV Heave's Super Barf Sunday!

With the start of the college and pro football season this past weekend, revelers/East Village tourists took to the binge drinking and wing eating almost as much as usual! And, alas, some distraught Lions or Raiders or Eagles fan may or may not have taken out his or her misery on the defenseless (except for the anti-skateboarding teeth!) Cooper Union Building...C'mon, they don't even have a football team!

Or! Maybe this is the work of the diabolical Cooper Union serial vomiter!

Anyway, EV Heave has more details, mostly just a photo and the copy above that he or she stole from me. WARNING: A large puddle of you know what awaits you at the end of this link.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Devomiting story: No one threw up on the Coop this past weekend, however...

Poor St. George just across Piss Alley from the newish Cooper Union academic building didn't fare so well...

Is this the work of the Serial Vomiter, who is now turning his or her sick attention to one of our favorite churches in the neighborhood?

...or just a random act of drunkeness?

Previously on EV Grieve:
Barfin' at the Coop: The Serial Vomiter strikes again

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Barfin' at the Coop: The Serial Vomiter strikes again

We're hesitant to write anymore about this ongoing atrocity versus architecture... However, it is our duty to file this report... As we worldwide exclusively reported last Friday, someone in recent weeks has turned the new Cooper Union academic building into his or her own private vomitorium... We hoped that these were merely isolated incidents, perhaps... perhaps just an extra vicious pub crawl, extended game of flip cup or soapy batch of McSorley's...

No. The Vomitrator is getting dangerous, empowered by the publicity we so willingly heaped upon this sick individual.

As seen Sunday morning...

And, for any of you skeptics who thinks that the Yeti is a myth or believes that balding comes from your mom’s side (or wearing hats), here is further evidence that someone (or thing) is chundering on the Coop... the outline of previous puking sessions as seen here in Exhibits A through E:

We're curious what will happen next. Will the Cooper Union beef up security, particularly after happy hour? Or will The Vomitrator be free to strike again? Given the number of bars/tourists/students in this region, can anything stop The Vomitrator?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Is a serial vomiter targeting the new Cooper Union building?

First, I apologize for this photo.

However! In the name of crackpot conspiracies news!

In the last month or so, I've walked by the new Cooper Union academic building and have noticed that someone had, well, barfed in the shadows at least six different times, usually on Friday, Saturday or Sunday mornings (duh) .... the first few times, well, ok, chuck it up chalk it up to its proximity to an ample number of students, tourists and bars...but after the fifth time, this is a trend.

There are many places to vomit in the neighborhood. Like in the bathroom at McSorley's. Or on the F train. Or my front steps. Why here so many times? Does someone have an issue with the new building? Is it just an inviting place to yak? Or, worse, after this neighborhood has had to deal with the Penistrator, is a Vomitrator now on the loose?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


From the AntiKris:

Reasons why the once cool east village now sucks: stupid out of town whores who can’t handle their booze now puke all over the streets.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The dorm may have left 200 Water Street...

...but the vomiting remains... (with apologies...)

Have seen this three times now by the Rockrose condos on Water Street near John Street the last week or so. (Not that I'm going looking for it or anything...) And three is officially a trend. Late nights at the Hook and Ladder II?